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Can I Cook 2 Turkeys At The Same Time

Can I Cook 2 Turkeys At The Same Time

Can I Cook 2 Turkeys At The Same Time

The roasting time does not double when cooking two turkeys that are roughly the same weight. One bird’s weight affects how long it takes to cook. Just make sure there is enough room within the oven for optimal heat distribution. However, a regular-sized oven has trouble accommodating two chickens for roasting.

You can bake two turkeys at once in one oven by placing them on separate racks and rotating halfway through cooking. When cooking two turkeys simultaneously, be sure to leave plenty of room in your oven to allow proper circulation of heat. It will take approximately double the amount of time to cook two turkeys simultaneously than it does to cook a single turkey. For instance, if you are cooking two turkeys at 350 degrees F., that is probably going to take around four hours.

In a convection oven, it takes about two hours for a 10-pound turkey, while it takes three hours for traditional ovens. That is, if you are cooking two 10-pound turkeys, you want to follow the cooking times of a 10-pound turkey, rather than 20-pound. Since two 12-pound turkeys require similar cook times at 325 degrees F, you would have to cook them 234-3 hours.

Considering that two 10-pound turkeys are similar sizes, they will cook at similar rates, so it is okay to monitor temperature for only one bird during the entire cooking process, says Phongapong. You will have to cook the two smaller turkeys longer than you would cook a single turkey, so make sure you regularly check the temperature to ensure that they are cooked. Video Notes Check your turkeys periodically throughout the 3-hour baking time to ensure that they are not turning over too quickly.

Place the two smaller turkeys on the lower rack of your oven, and roast for about 3 hours, until the thermometer placed into the breast reads 165 degrees F. Transfer turkeys back into the oven and roast until the thermometer registers 160degF, approximately 2 1/2 hours. To roast two turkeys in one oven, preheat oven to 350degF. Put one turkey on the bottom rack in the oven, and put the other turkey on top rack. You should roast both whole turkeys, one a side and one a thigh, for between 13-16 minutes per pound, depending on how cooked a bird is at 350 degrees.

The easiest way to calculate the time it takes to roast turkeys is to figure 13 minutes per pound at 350 degrees for a non-stuffed turkey (that is about 3 hours for 12 to 14 pounds. It is best to plan for 30 minutes per pound if smoking your turkey between 225 and 250 degrees F. All cooking times are based on placing the entire, unstuffed turkey on racks in roasting pans and in preheated 350-degree F (175-degree C) ovens. Assuming that you are roasting the turkey in a 325degF oven, expect 15 to 17 minutes cooking time per pound of unstuffed turkey.

Cooking times will vary depending on the size of your two turkeys, oven temperature, and other factors. Depending on the size of the oven and how much additional room there is to circulate air, it could take longer or shorter for two smaller turkeys than expected to be completely cooked.

Cooking one larger turkey will take less time than cooking two smaller ones, but a larger turkey might not cook evenly. Instead of grilling a large turkey, try cooking two smaller birds simultaneously. Not only is this quicker, but the end results can be even more delicious. Two smaller birds will cook quicker, so they spend less time in the oven, giving less opportunity for meat to dry out. You might even find that two smaller birds are easier to handle,A Just consider the relative ease of lifting a roasting pan containing a 12lb turkey, as opposed to one filled with a blisteringly hot 24lb bird.

Smaller birds are generally more tender, and if you are having lots of guests, consider cooking two smaller turkeys rather than a single larger bird. Some say cooking 2 smaller turkeys is better because they cook evenly compared to a larger one. Instead of waiting for one large turkey to cook, you can bake 2 smaller turkeys in the oven, saving some time and the stress of trying to time it all perfectly.

watch this video to understand the method of cooking two turkeys at the same time.

The keys to cooking more than one turkey effectively in a single oven are planning, choosing turkeys that are a similar size, safely defrosting, and timing roasting correctly. You will also find a few helpful tips from the Test Kitchen on cooking several turkeys when you cannot fit two birds into the oven at once. Whether your grocery store is short on big birds, or you are looking to try two different turkey recipes this year, we have got some tips from experts on making sure you can safely prepare turkeys together.

How long to cook a turkey can vary, depending on your oven temperature and if your turkey recipe calls for a stuffed bird or an unstuffed bird. Also, you do not have to cook the turkey immediately after thawing, so there is a lot of time flexibility. Cooking times and temperatures can vary on every turkey, which can lead to an overcooked or undercooked bird.

Thirty minutes to one hour before you want the turkey to begin cooking, open your oven and allow the bird to rest at room temperature as it warms.

If cooking more than one breast of turkey in a roasting pan, be sure there is space between the breasts to allow warm air to circulate on all sides. Simply lay both turkey breasts onto the baking sheet, roasting them for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees, or until internal temperatures hit 165 degrees. Check on 2 turkeys on the innermost thighs and thickest breast portion of the turkey, making sure it is completely cooked at 165 degrees, before taking it out. During the final 30 to 45 minutes of cooking, consider covering the two smaller turkeys with aluminum foil and basting to keep moisture in and brown.

Here are USDA guidelines on required cooking times for smaller turkeys, based on size, at 325 degrees F.A You will need roughly the same time if you put two birds into the oven. Generally, two larger birds, 10 to 14 pounds each, should take two-and-a-half to four hours to bake.

If your oven is going to look clown-car-like with two turkeys in it, cooking two birds at a time may not be feasible for you. If you do not want to take that precious oven space up to accommodate two turkeys, there are still other methods that can be used to bring that juicy bird to your table.

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How do I cook two turkeys together?

Each turkey should be given a gentle butter rub before being placed in a sizable roasting pan. Use trussing string to connect the turkey legs’ ends. Put the turkeys in the oven, and roast for about 2.5 hours, or until a meat thermometer registers 71°C.

Can you cook 2 turkey breasts at the same time?

To ensure that they are finished at the same time, roast two turkey breasts simultaneously. One can get the same amount of meat all-white meat from two cooked turkey breasts as you would from a full bird. The most popular way to prepare this Thanksgiving staple is to roast the turkey, which provides it a rich flavor.

Does smoking 2 turkeys at the same time?

I adore the thought of using the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker to simultaneously smoke two turkeys. Two foods can also be prepared, such as turkey and brisket. To avoid getting turkey drippings on the other meals, just make sure the turkey is on the bottom grate.

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