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Why Did My Traeger Catch Fire

Why Did My Traeger Catch Fire

Why Did My Traeger Grill Catch Fire?

If your Traeger grill caught fire, there are two primary reasons why this might have happened — either there were too many pellets in the firepot or too much grease on the drip tray. Ensure you follow proper precautionary measures before grilling and keep a fire extinguisher within arms reach to deal with such situations.

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Pellet grills such as the Traeger can catch fire due to too many pellets in the pan or too much fat in the pan. Then, after too many pellets burn for a while, they can ignite and start a grill fire. Grease and dirt build up on the grill and can ignite the pellets. If the frypot is dirty, the flame may go out, causing the grill to compensate and produce more pellets.

Uneven grilling temperatures also cause excess pellets to burn, causing the grill to ignite. You’re allowing smoke and heat to escape, causing the grill to overcompensate for heat loss.

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After putting out this greasy fire, inspect the grate to determine the cause. Clean the broiler to remove any ashes or granules and brush the inside of the grill to remove any remaining grease.

After completing these steps, you can safely leave the grill unattended until the fire goes out on its own. If the grill goes out on its own, always double check the frypot before starting the grill to make sure it is not full of pellets or ash. There are many ways to prevent a Traeger grill from catching fire, starting with double checking the firebox before starting the grill/smoker to make sure it’s not full of ash or pellets.

The main reason a Traeger grill is feeding too many pellets to a broiler is that the flame in the broiler has gone out or is burning too slowly. The function of the hot rod is to ignite the sawdust on the bottom of a dirty broiler, making it easy to light a Traeger grill. Lift the lid of the Traeger grill Remove the grill grill Remove the drip pan and heat deflector Turn the grill on Smoke mode Keep your hands a safe distance from the broiler to avoid burns If you feel hot, the auction is on . Remove pellets, radiator, drip pan and cooking grill, then turn on grill.

Different TraegerWhy Traeger catches fire
Ironwood SeriesDue to a large buildup of pellets in the firepot
Timberline SeriesDue to excessive accumulation of grease on the drip tray
Rasons why Traeger catches fire.

Then use a compatible Traeger grill brush to scrape off grease, soot, and stuck-on debris accumulated on internal components such as auger, grates, drip tray, fire bowl, etc. Keep drip tray clean and pellets dry to reduce the risk of fire. If you notice that a large amount of ash has accumulated in or around the grate, it may need to be cleaned more frequently.

Pay attention to the amount of fat that builds up in the grill or smoker and clean it as often as necessary. Even if the fire seems to be out of control and affecting all parts of the pellet grill, just close the lid and let the fat burn off. Move items or the grill away from flammable items so that the grill can cool down safely without spreading the fire to other items.

Preventing Traeger From Catching Fire Tips

If a pellet grill fire starts burning outside the pellet grill, you can use a fire extinguisher or fire blanket to put out the pellet grill fire. The pellet fire starts in your pit boss’s stomach and makes its way to the grill as the flames get bigger. You will be able to notice this first if you look down at the smoker and see the flames licking the sides of the smoker.

A pellet fire occurs when pellets accumulate in excess in the fryer and are ignited by the electric igniter in the grill. The two main causes of fire on pellet grills are a large accumulation of pellets in the broiler or too much fat on the pan. When all those extra pellets ignite, your smoker becomes too big to handle (remember, the goal is to cook slowly and evenly), and a fire starts in and around the pot.

A broken fan will result in a lack of oxygen in the cooking chamber, so the pellets will not be able to ignite. If the auger does not feed pellets properly, the temperature will not rise and the fire may be extinguished. With this setting, the auger will produce enough pellets to create smoke without raising the grill temperature above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The grate may not start or even stop working if the auger is not feeding pellets into the fryer due to jamming.

Make sure you keep your frypot clean if the grill goes out on its own by following the instructions on how to properly start the grill and use good quality pellets. If you see smoke coming out of the sturdy 80 lb pellet bin while cooking, make sure the fan is working properly and the grill is on a level surface.

To prevent this type of fire, shake a sturdy 80-pound pellet box or agitate the pellets every 30 minutes or so. Shake the hopper or stir the pellets about every 30 minutes to keep them from catching fire. To properly feed these pellets into the fire, you have a pellet hopper that feeds your pellets slowly into the flame of the broiler, allowing you to suck the broiler very evenly over a long period of time.

By turning off the power, your pit boss will no longer be able to feed pellets, so the fire will eventually go out. While most people might associate a barbecue fire with fat, too much wood pellets can do the same.

You don’t want the grill to turn electric while you’re cooking. If the grate is stationary, it removes everything that could pose a fire hazard. If you notice any unusual odors coming from your smoker, check the air filter.

Why is my Traeger Flaming?

Excess ash is usually the main reason behind the flame. The too much ash that gets accumulated in the firepot leads to the flame during cooking. To avoid that from happening, you need to clean the ash after every cooking batch and make sure it is not damaged.

How Often Should you Clean your Traeger?

The Traeger needs to be cleaned per 5 uses on average. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly and carefully so there are no chances of any mishap later. If you are making extended use of many hours make sure to clean it right after every use and make sure no ashes are left behind.

Why did my pellet grill catch on fire?

Pellet grills rarely catch fire but if it catches fire then there would be two main reasons behind it. One is possibly the presence of grease over the drip tray and the other is the existence of many pellets in the firepot. For safety purposes, it is recommended to properly clean your grill.