What Happens If You Eat Expired Doritos

what happens if you eat expired Doritos

It is safe to eat Doritos after the expiry date. The date of expiry is for the freshness of the Doritos not for the safety. After the expiry date, the taste, and texture of Doritos may turn you off. It will not cause food poisoning or any kind of threat to your health.

When it comes to Doritos, as long as you keep them stored properly, you will not necessarily be ill when eating expired Doritos. When it comes to chips, you do not necessarily get sick from eating expired chips as long as they were stored appropriately. If the chips you are eating are old from being expired, it is possible you might get sick. If, however, your chips are stale because they were left in an open bag, you are unlikely to get sick.

If your bag of opened chips is already stale after only one day, that means that uneaten chips may have been sealed improperly within the bag (perhaps by being overfilled), causing them to decompose faster than normal. Chips really will spoil, but if you store them right, and seal the bag again every time you open it, they should keep fresh for at least 2-4 weeks. If the chips are in an open bag, they are fine until you decide that the texture is too tough to handle, but if the bag is sealed, it may still be fine months later…as if you were going to keep a bag of uneaten chips sitting around that long. Like bread, potato chips may stale beyond the expiration date, but they are still totally safe to eat.

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Potato chips have a best bydate, rather than use bydate, meaning that they are still fine to eat without risking your health, but may be impaired in flavor, crispyness, or have an off-flavor or rancid flavor. Chips are likely safe for eating, but they are not meant to be sold — expiration dates are end dates for guaranteeing freshness — and some companies even refer to these as sale by dates.

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If the chips are expired, however, you are better off eating only 2-3 weeks after the printed expiration date. Stale chips are not likely to get you sick on their own, so eating them over an extended period probably is not going to do you too much harm. If chips are stale because they are beyond their shelf life, then they might still be okay to eat, but depending on what ingredients made the chips, you might be better off throwing them out.

ChipsShelf Life
Remain Fresh 2 to 4 weeks
After the expiryBetter off eating only 2-3 weeks
Shelf life of Chips

We are pleased to say that eating stale chips, particularly if they are past their expiration date, does not necessarily harm you, but it might not taste good. While a chips taste or texture might put you off, sometimes it is better to eat nothing.

No doubt, you can still eat a Doritos after they have passed their printed date, but you will notice changes to their texture and taste, so if that is fine by you, you may want to eat an expired Dorito, they are not going to make you sick. The date on the packaging is for a period during which you can enjoy the best quality and taste of Doritos, however, you can still eat the Doritos past that date if you keep them stored correctly. The date on the package is the best by date — the date by which the manufacturer can ensure the best taste and consistency.

It is worth noting that, rather than date, you will find the date written in a packet of Doritos as the Best Before date, or the Best Before Date. The best before date is not something you can go on, and other factors come into play once Doritos leaves a stores shelves that make sure that your Doritos will last. Doritos has many variations on the market, but typically they will last around three or four weeks before they expire.

Unopened Doritos will last for about 3-4 weeks after their printed expiration date, as long as they are stored in a cool, dry, and dark pantry corner, away from direct sunlight and heat. The final way to tell if your Doritos are bad is if they are been stored for too long and they begin to smell stale or dry — that is a sign the crispness has gone, which could be a danger due to how salty they can already be. Last, but certainly not least, Doritos that are well past the “best by” date may experience significant changes in consistency, losing crunch, and may be becoming stale.

The good news is most chips, if unopened, can stay fresh for 2-3 weeks after the expiration date. Properly stored, a package of unopened chips typically stays in great shape about 2 to 3 months past the package date. About 2-3 weeks after the sold-by date has passed, the unopened chip bag will start to taste stale and/or lose its crisp… “The best thing about potato chips is that they are made with wholesome ingredients, which means that they are made with the best ingredients possible, so they do not expire.

No matter how you keep your chocolate chips bag, you need to consume them within 4-6 weeks of their expiration. Tortilla chips that are not opened typically will maintain optimum quality for about 2 to 3 months after the date printed on the package, as long as they are stored correctly. If you consume a tortilla chip for one month, Gunders believes it will not make you sick, but it will start to taste stale after that period.

Crunches can completely turn soft or stale, depending on if you are a Kettle Crisp or Monster Munch type, but they are also very high in salt, which helps keep them fresh long past their best-by date. I suppose chips can be eaten for months past the expiration date, since they are typically products with high salt content, and salt pretty efficiently keeps the bacteria and yeast from growing.

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Expiring chips are unlikely to produce food poisoning, but if they are well past expiration, then oil within may turn rancid. Old-fashioned potato chips that are expired and have a dairy ingredient, like cheese or milk, should not be consumed well past expiration. They might not be quite as crispy as they were when you bought them new, but older chips are not going to give you any illnesses. That is all thanks to salt, which is commonly coated on a lot of potato snacks — but eating them up to three weeks after their expiration dates is still best.

Can expired chips make you sick?

According to the expert, tortilla chips won’t make you sick after a month, but they might start to taste stale. They can be made crisp again by baking them with oil, and storing them in a tight container makes them last longer by keeping moisture out.

How long do Dorito chips last?

If you adequately store an opened package of Dorito chips, they will generally retain their quality for about 1 to 2 weeks at room temperature. For maximum preservation and to increase the shelf life of opened Dorito chips, keep the package tightly closed.

Can you get sick from eating expired Doritos?

Dorito chips can get stale beyond their expiration date, but they are still perfectly safe to consume. However, ensure that your Doritos are properly stored as improper storage could result in contamination with Salmonella or E.coli, leading to food poisoning. When stored adequately, there is not enough moisture for bacteria to grow.

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