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What Can I Substitute For Nutriwhip

What Can I Substitute For Nutriwhip

Coconut whipping cream is a fantastic dairy-free and creamy replacement for Nutriwhip. To prepare it, chill a can of full-fat coconut milk or coconut cream until it solidifies, then beat it with vanilla extract and sweetener until it has the consistency of whipped cream.

Nutriwhip is a flexible, nondairy whipped topping that gives drinks and desserts a delicious twist. However, what happens if you search for substitutes because of dietary requirements or preferences?

Regardless of your dietary needs, there are many options—vegan, lactose intolerant, or just looking for a change. We’ll take you on a culinary adventure with some amazing Nutriwhip alternatives in this guide, ensuring your dishes stay creamy and delectable. Come with me as we explore the realm of creamy possibilities!

What Could I Use in Place of Nutriwhip?

What can be used instead of Nutriwhip, a nondairy whipped topping, depends on your needs and dietary preferences. There are a few options. Here are a few choices:

  • Coconut Whipped Cream: To make a creamy, dairy-free topping, whip up coconut milk or cream. Use the solid portion that separates from the liquid, and make sure the coconut milk or cream is chilled before using it.
  • Soy Whipped Topping: You can easily get soy-based whipped toppings at many supermarket stores, which may be used exactly instead of Nutriwhip.
  • Almond Whipping Topping: A few almond-based whipped toppers are on the market. Their flavor and texture are comparable to Nutriwhip.
  • Cashew Cream: After soaking cashews in water, combine them with vanilla essence and a small amount of sugar. This produces a whipped topping with a creamy cashew base that works well in various recipes.
  • Homemade Whipped Cream: Heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla extract can be combined to make whipped cream if dairy is not a concern. To use the cream as a topping, simply whisk it until stiff peaks form.
  • Dairy-Free Whipped Cream Substitutes: Various brands provide plant-based components in their dairy-free whipped cream substitutes. Check your grocery store’s freezer or dairy-free sections for possibilities.
  • Soy or Almond Yogurt: Whipped soy or almond yogurt can be used as a creamy garnish in some dishes. Simply add sweetness and flavor to taste.

Don’t forget to modify the flavor and sweetness to suit your tastes and the particular recipe you’re cooking. Try a tiny batch of each alternative first to see how it works in your recipe, as each may have a slightly different taste and texture.

Substitutes of Heavy Cream.

Is Nutriwhip the same as whipped cream?

Traditional whipped cream is not the same as Nutriwhip. A kind of nondairy whipped topping called Nutriwhip is usually used as a dairy-free substitute for whipped cream. The following are the main distinctions between whipped cream and Nutriwhip:

  • Dairy Content: Heavy cream, a dairy product, is used to make whipped cream. Nutriwhip is dairy-free and ideal for anyone with dairy allergy, lactose intolerance, or vegan, although it contains milk fat.
  • Ingredients: Cream, sugar, and occasionally vanilla extract are the main ingredients of whipped cream. Conversely, Nutriwhip is manufactured with nondairy components and frequently contains sugar, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and vegetable oils.
  • Taste and Texture: Whipped cream’s rich, creamy texture is complemented with a pronounced dairy flavor. Nutriwhip tastes and feels different because it is dairy-free. It might not taste as dairy-forward as whipped cream and have a slightly lighter or less creamy texture.
  • Use: Nutriwhip and whipped cream are suitable for dessert, fruit, or hot beverage toppings. Nutriwhip is especially for people who can’t or won’t eat dairy products.
SubstituteTypeBest UsesNotes
Coconut Whipped CreamNon-DairyDesserts, fruit, and beveragesUse coconut milk or cream, refrigerate, and whip the solid part.
Soy Whipped ToppingNondairyDesserts, hot cocoa, and coffeeAvailable in stores as a ready-made alternative.
Almond Whipped ToppingNondairyDesserts and hot beveragesStore-bought almond-based whipped toppings are an option.
Cashew CreamNondairyDesserts, sauces, and soupsBlend soaked cashews with sweetener and vanilla for a creamy texture.
Homemade Whipped CreamDairyDesserts, fruit, and beveragesMade by whipping heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla extract.
Dairy-Free Whipped ToppingNondairyDesserts, fruit, and coffeeNondairy
Soy or Almond YogurtStore-bought nondairy whipped toppings are available.Desserts and breakfast dishesSweeten and flavor to taste before using as a topping.
Nutriwhip Substitutes.

Can I use milk instead of whipping cream?

Whether you use milk instead of whipping cream depends on the recipe and your goals. Because milk has less fat than whipping cream, it can’t be used as a direct substitute, although it can be used in certain recipes with minor modifications. That’s how:

  • Lower Fat Dishes: You can usually replace whipped cream with milk in savory dishes like soups and sauces without losing flavor or texture noticeably. Just be advised that the finished product might not be as creamy and delicious.
  • Thickening Agent: Milk may not have the same richness or thickness when used instead of whipping cream in recipes. Use a thickening agent, such as flour or cornstarch, to compensate for it. Make a slurry (cornstarch combined with cold water) or a roux (equal parts fat and flour) to thicken the soup or sauce.
  • Baking: Milk can commonly be substituted for whipping cream in baking recipes, such as cakes or muffins; however, some modifications may be necessary. To keep the baked items moist and tender, you might wish to add a small amount of additional fat, like melted butter or vegetable oil, as milk has less fat.
  • Whipped Cream: Milk lacks the high-fat level necessary for whipping. Hence, it cannot be directly whipped to make whipped cream. Use heavy whipping creams or a non-dairy substitute, such as Nutriwhip or coconut cream, if you require a whipped topping.

Can you substitute Cool Whip for Nutriwhip?

Yes, you can generally substitute Cool Whip for Nutriwhip in many recipes. Both Cool Whip and Nutriwhip are nondairy whipped toppings with similar textures and properties. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Taste: Cool Whip and Nutriwhip may have slightly different flavors. Cool Whip tends to be sweeter, while Nutriwhip may have a more neutral taste. Be aware of this difference when using them in recipes, and adjust the sweetness accordingly.
  2. Ingredients: Check the ingredients list of Cool Whip and Nutriwhip to ensure they meet your dietary needs. Both products are non-dairy, but they may contain different additives or stabilizers.
  3. Texture: Cool Whip and Nutriwhip have similar textures, making them interchangeable in most recipes. However, in some recipes, the texture may be slightly different due to variations in ingredients or processing.
  4. Storage: Both products are typically sold frozen and need to be thawed before use. Follow the instructions on the packaging for thawing.
  5. Whipping: Neither Cool Whip nor Nutriwhip can be whipped further as you would with heavy cream. They are ready-to-use whipped toppings.

You can use Cool Whip as a substitute for Nutriwhip and vice versa in recipes like desserts and fruit salads or as a topping for pies and cakes. Just be aware of the flavor difference and adjust the sweetness if needed.

Is Cool Whip and Whipping Cream the same thing?

No, Cool Whip and Whipping Cream are not identical; they are distinct dairy and nondairy products with different properties and uses.

  1. Cool Whip: Cool Whip is a brand of nondairy whipped topping. It is a non-dairy, frozen whipped topping made from water, hydrogenated vegetable oils (such as coconut and palm kernel), high fructose corn syrup, and various stabilizers and flavorings. Cool Whip is known for its light and fluffy texture and is used as a ready-made whipped topping in various dessert recipes. It does not require whipping or preparation and is available in tubs or aerosol cans.
  2. Whipping Cream: Whipping cream, also known as heavy cream, is a dairy product from the fatty layer of cow’s milk. It contains a high-fat content (usually around 36% or more) and is used in cooking and baking to add richness and creaminess to dishes. Whipping cream can be whipped to create homemade whipped cream, often used as a dessert topping. It requires whipping with a mixer or whisk until it reaches stiff peaks.

Cool Whip is a nondairy, pre-made whipped topping with a different composition and texture than whipping cream. Whipping cream is a dairy product with a high-fat content and is used as a base for making homemade whipped cream or as an ingredient in cooking and baking.

They serve different purposes in recipes, and the choice between them depends on your dietary preferences and specific culinary needs.

How to make your own whipped cream at home?

Making your own whipped cream at home is easy and only requires a few simple ingredients. Here’s a basic recipe for homemade whipped cream:


  • 1 cup (240 ml) cold heavy cream (also known as whipping cream)
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar (adjust to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (optional for flavor)


  1. Chill Your Equipment: Before you start, it’s essential to chill the mixing bowl and beaters or whisk attachment of your electric mixer. You can also use a chilled metal bowl and a hand whisk. This step helps the cream whip up faster and achieve a stable consistency.
  2. Pour the Cream: Pour the cold heavy cream into the chilled mixing bowl.
  3. Add Sweetener: Add the powdered sugar to the cream. You can adjust the amount of sugar to your taste, but 2 tablespoons is a good starting point for a lightly sweetened whipped cream. You can also omit the sugar if you prefer unsweetened whipped cream.
  4. Add Flavor (Optional): If you want to add flavor to your whipped cream, you can pour in the vanilla extract at this stage. Vanilla extract adds a pleasant aroma and flavor to the whipped cream. You can also use other flavorings like almond extract or a liqueur of your choice.
  5. Whip the Cream: Start whipping the cream quickly using an electric mixer with the chilled beaters or a hand whisk. As it thickens, you can gradually increase the speed. Whip the cream until it reaches stiff peaks, meaning it holds its shape and doesn’t flop over when you lift the beaters or whisk.
  6. Check the Consistency: Be careful not to overwhip the cream; it can turn into butter if you go too far. To check for stiff peaks, stop the mixer and lift the beaters or whisk; the whipped cream should hold its shape.
  7. Serve Immediately: Once your whipped cream reaches the desired consistency, it’s ready to use. Immediately serve it as a topping for desserts, fruits, cakes, or hot beverages.

Homemade whipped cream is a delicious and versatile topping that can elevate many desserts and treats. Enjoy!


Consider your dietary needs and your recipe when substituting for Nutriwhip. There are many dairy and nondairy substitutes, such as store-bought nondairy whipped toppers, cashew cream, coconut whipped cream, soy whipped topping, and almond whipped topping.

Pick the substitution that best fits your demands and tastes, considering any dietary limitations, as each one has distinct qualities. Enjoy your delectable creation after adjusting the sweetness and flavor to fit your recipe!

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