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How To Store Christmas Village Houses

How To Store Christmas Village Houses

How To Store Village Houses Of Christmas

You must store your Christmas village houses properly if you want them to stay longer. The first recommendation is to store them in their original package. But if you have thrown it, wrap the villages in bubble wrap and place them individually in a box. Now place this box in a cool, dry place.

This is an easy DIY rustic Christmas house project that you can make to spruce up your holiday decor or as a gift for loved ones.

DIY Christmas village houses and create a layout you can use every year, or just make a rustic stand for a set you already have.

Play through scenarios and create your own unique seasonal village. Just add some artificial snow, extra miniature trees, and maybe a train, and your village will take centre stage. Consider centring your display around a main building, such as a nativity scene, so the entire village looks complete but mostly accessories.

Buildings and Houses to Use in Small Christmas Villages Small Christmas village houses are great for small displays, but you can still use a large one to anchor the entire village if space permits.

Buildings and Houses to Use in Large Christmas Villages If you have a large display space, you can use several large buildings to anchor the entire display.

Think of your large display as a complete miniature village and ensure it has everything a real-life village would need, such as a grocery store, bank, church and transportation.

Place your Christmas village in front of your fireplace mantleStorage Places
Place them in front of your bookshelfIt’s best to store your village houses in the original package
Place them on the top of the kitchen cabinetsIf you have thrown the original packages, cover them with bubble wrap and place them in a tight container
Place then in front of your bookshelfPlace them in a dry, cool place
Different storage places and ways to display your village houses.

VillageKeeper will easily fit 25-30 buildings in a storage bag plus accessories and keep them safe all year until you’re ready to build your village again. It comes with a beautifully divided compartment that you can also use for fake snow, tea lights and any Christmas lights you use to decorate your village.

Learn the easy way of packing the Christmas village

Even though I change some of my furniture every year, I still love my idea of ​​storing groups in extra-large plastic bags. I was able to test my Christmas decoration storage ideas when I was decorating my house this year.

How to arrange Christmas decorations?

Below you will find ideas for arranging Christmas decorations to store many decorations; decorations are securely stored until the next holiday.

To keep your Christmas lights well organized, consider purchasing a Christmas light box, as shown below. Another way to store Christmas decorations is to use a divider box. Now you can store your Christmas garlands in a shoebox or any other durable container you have at home.

Hanging your Christmas wreath on hooks is another easy way to store it. The ribbons used for gifts have holes in the centre to hang on a hook for easy storage during and after Christmas.

They are great for taking care of your Christmas country houses because they are durable, stackable and transparent, so you can see what’s inside.

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The perfect fit for storing houses in the Christmas village

Plastic boxes are the perfect choice for storing houses in the Christmas village. They are usually hard and durable. Specially customized retail boxes are made for village houses with sectional areas in the storage box, protecting houses, village houses, and houses. Store your Christmas Village boxes in a plastic container with an airtight lid.

Keep gives you a few options, whether you want to use dividers to separate the Christmas village figurines or remove the dividers so you can fit in some smaller houses.

I think a DIY Christmas village would be a great project to turn into a gift box (and they can be made out of season too).

After seeing all these cute hand-drawn houses last year, I decided to make some DIY Christmas Village holiday houses for my battery-powered candles (only!).

You can create a DIY Styrofoam Christmas Village with the instructions below and the templates provided for this fun DIY holiday, much the same as making a modern-day Putz little house.

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At Christmas, I could arrange by room or type of furniture (like knick-knacks or crafts). I’ll always pick up stuff during the post-Christmas and garden sale seasons. The kids will say: Needless to say, I didn’t do my holiday cleaning well.

For example, this box of Christmas tree house dollar store. The little suckers hadn’t seen the light of day for about ten years, yet I couldn’t convince myself to send them away. Some of them were given to my girls by my mother-in-law, while others we took ourselves.

Just 17 years later (yes, I’m 25 now), I now have a beautiful Christmas town that my family can enjoy for a SHARE of the cost of a pre-coloured set. We used to go to the Dollar Tree every year to buy more accessories and a new snowball.

Then the kids would come home and make their own little Christmas town on our piano and sometimes even play. I mean a dollar each, do it. Then high school came along, and there were all kinds of other celebrations, and this little village was never inhabited. And once the aforementioned vacation simplification went into effect, it didn’t make the list.

Last year I got one every time I saw it for less than $2, and by the time Christmas arrived, I had a mini village ready to upgrade. For many years, around Thanksgiving, I started painting a new item for my mom’s pottery village.

How to create a plywood stand for your village?

Create a plywood stand for your village that will allow you to connect the light even from below. Create a giant round display platform by adding some round pieces of plywood to a tall wooden pole, where each layer on the pole is smaller than the bottom to mimic the shape of a Christmas tree.

Stack the log pieces to make the mountain village appear on the table, using the big pieces at the bottom and the small pieces at the top. Rustic Ceramic Houses Simply lay a piece of wrapping paper on a flat surface, place one of the ceramic houses on top of the back of the house on top of the paper, and wrap it up.

Containers filled with Christmas decorations, artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, Christmas lights, and inflatable lawns can be stored high up.

Made from durable polyester/nylon fabric, the same as durable canvas, VillageKeeper will keep your Christmas villages secure, free of nicks, cracks and splinters caused by improper storage.

Where can you display your Christmas Village?

In an extended village display, display some creative places where you can set your Christmas village, including your fireplace mantel. On top of kitchen cabinets, if there is space between the cabinets and ceiling. A bookshelf in front of books or after the books have been cleared. 

What do you use for snow in a Christmas Village?

The tiny or chopped pieces are used for snow in a Christmas village. However, people like to go extra and use a handful of snow, white sheeting, or other coverings.

What are Christmas Village houses made of?

The Christmas village houses are made of porcelain, cement, wood, or plastic. Also, many Christmas villages contain lighted or animated houses that add sparkle to the Christmas village.

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