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How To Clean Under The Fridge

How To Clean Under The Fridge

How To Clean Under The Fridge

To clean under your fridge, unplug your fridge and move it away from the wall. Using a vacuum with a hose, vacuum up any dust and dirt that has accumulated under the fridge. Using a damp cloth, wipe down the area to remove any remaining dirt. Plug your fridge back in as its clean.

Clean up is one of those jobs that is not very enjoyable, but is very satisfying when you see the difference a fridge coil cleaning makes. Cleaning underneath the refrigerator can take a lot of work, but is essential for keeping the refrigerator in good working order and keeping the other parts from getting damaged. To simplify the under-fridge cleaning process, get rid of any carpets or mats that are underneath your refrigerators grill.

Remove any coil dust and move it towards the front of the grill so that you can remove it under the fridge with ease. You should be pulling them to the very front of the grill — get as far back as possible with your coil-cleaning brush.

I usually only get as far back on my coils as my vacuum will go, but I get such great dust out of cleaning them anyway. If you are cleaning coils on the bottom of your cooler, you will find it easier to alternate between brushing them, then vacuuming up the dust. If the condenser coils are on the back of the refrigerator, you will have to take the cooler completely off of the wall to clean.

Learn how to clean under the fridge

Once that is done, you can safely place your condenser coils either on the back or base of your fridge. Next, dust your condenser coils using the fridge dustbrush, and then use a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to remove any loosened dust from your coils.

If you are cleaning the coils located at the rear of your fridge, hold the tight end of your blower near a coil condenser brush in one hand, then brush it in the other. With the fridge door closed, take a coil cleaning brush and begin loosening any powder from your coils. Using the coil cleaning brush, or any other long-necked brush, you can use water-based cleaning agents to scrub your fridges coils.

Use a long-handled appliance-cleaning brush to brush away stubborn powders and dirt particles that have collected on your refrigerators condenser coils. Once you have the ones that can be cleaned by my blower, then use a mop & brush to remove the dust on the remaining coils. If you have any more dust lurking under your cooler then just grab the vacuum and put the nozzle on top of your coils. When you cannot move the refrigerator, use a stick, broomstick, or vacuum to remove waste underneath the refrigerator.

There are times you cannot move the refrigerator from where it is, so you must make do using some other materials to clean up the garbage underneath. You still will want to move your refrigerator around so that you can clean under the floor, since you cannot otherwise get there. If you are able to remove the refrigerator from its location, you may want to first clean the floor under the refrigerator, then take off your grill. Now that you are done cleaning the grills underneath, you may sweep up the floor where the refrigerator was placed.

When you are done cleaning everything you need from your refrigerator, and the usual place it is in your floor is as clean as you would like it, pull the refrigerator back just far enough so that it is connected again, and return it to the correct spot. Pull the appliance from the wall where you can better see and take your vacuum wherever you need to be. Use a tight-fitting vacuum attachment to get rid of any loose dust and debris that you see behind the unit and under it. If your cooler has a boot guard at the front bottom of the unit, remove it so that you can more fully clean around it.

When you want to more rapidly and easily clean under the fridge, you may use a vacuum to pull out debris. The biggest thing you can do to simplify cleaning your refrigerator is not let it get out of control. In fact, you should think about cleaning your fridge regularly, especially if you have pets who roam around your kitchen. While it is not the end of the world, giving the areas behind the fridge a good clean must be done on a regular basis for both health and sanitary reasons.

Cleaning behind the fridge will minimize the amount of dust and bits of food, which can, in turn, decrease the incidence of pests and allergies. Cleaning will help your seals keep sealing properly, ensuring that your refrigerator continues to operate effectively. Detailed cleaning using the Brush will make sure the fridge coils are cleaned, and will help keep your refrigerator running effectively.

Keep reading to learn exactly how to clean refrigerator coils – and how simple it is to help your refrigerator function at its best. Unless you are dying for an excuse to buy a new refrigerator, heres how to clean your fridges coils in order to extend the lifespan of your cooler — and to reduce the cost of electricity, too. To ensure that your refrigerator stays cool without guzzling down tons of power, you should know how to clean your refrigerators bottom-back coils, too.

Once you have removed the base grid, use a brush with soft bristles to get rid of dirt and dust trapped under the refrigerator. If you have furniture placed next to the refrigerator, remove it first, before planning on moving your refrigerator, in order to clean the refrigerator below. If debris is not accessible, you may want to try rolling some electrical tape underneath the refrigerator to get rid of any stubborn pieces.

Once everything is back inside the shiny refrigerator, wipe the exterior, including edges and seals, with a clean microfiber cloth and a vinegar spray, and absolutely do not miss the handles. If you had any spills, gently pull the glass out from its frame (or holder, depending on your refrigerator) and wipe both sides, plus the edges, with the vinegar solution. Now that you know what the various sections are, you may notice only one small section is accessible, which is the condenser coil, which is located under the refrigerator, or on the back.

What can I use to clean under the refrigerator?

Use a hair trap cleaner, also known as a drain cleaning zip tool, available at home improvement stores for under $5 to make this cleaning operation less complicated. This hair trap can reach farther than a vacuum cleaner attachment and won’t scratch the floor.

How do you lift a refrigerator to clean underneath?

The best and safest approach to pull your refrigerator away from the wall is to hold it by both sides of the door and tilt it slightly forward while moving carefully and at a steady pace. This works really well for most individuals who are frightened by the size of their refrigerator.

How often should you clean under your refrigerator?

According to experts, you should clean underneath your refrigerator at minimum once every 3 months. As a consequence, there will be less dust and food debris, which can help avoid unpleasant smells and fewer bugs and allergies. Mold may also begin to develop in the region if there is any moisture.