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How Much Electricity Does A Slow Cooker Use

How Much Electricity Does A Slow Cooker Use

How Much Do Slow Cookers Add to Your Electricity Consumption?

Electricity consumption for most slow cookers ranges from 75 to 150 watts on low to 150 to 210 watts on high. Slow cookers are highly energy-efficient and won’t significantly affect your electricity bill. Having one running for 8-hours a day on low heat will only add a few cents to your account.

Slow cookers are energy efficient because the heating element uses a shallow current and uses the captured heat to cook food.

Using a slow cooker is not necessarily an energy-intensive product; in some cases, it can save you more energy than other appliances in your home. Cooking temperature and duration determine how much power is used, but even cooking a roast for eight hours or more will require far less energy than a conventional oven running for three hours.

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EquiptmentWatts per HourDurationOverall Watts Consumed
Clay Pot180 watts6 hours1080 watts
Crock Pot420 watts6 hours1080 watts
Different equiptments and electricity it can consume.

How much energy will be taken up by different pots?

If you have a large clay pot that draws at least 180 watts and cooks in it for 6 hours, it will draw 1080 watts. For example, if your crock pot uses only 70W at minimum power and you cook for 6 hours, your slow cooker will draw 420W. 

If you have a small, low-range slow cooker that uses a 70-watt cell, cooking for 8 hours will require 560-watt hours of electricity. On the other hand, if you have a 100-watt light bulb in your kitchen and leave it on while your slow cooker is cooking, you will be using (8 hours X 100) 800-watt hours of electricity.

How Much Power Does a Crockpot Use?

50 watts and 300 watts are a limited amount of power, and a 200-watt slow cooker consumes only 1.6 kWh, even when you consider that it lets you cook 3 litres of food for 8 hours a day. 

Using the slow cooker for about 8 hours consumes about 1.44 kWh. 

A slow cooker will use 1.2 to 1.7 kWh (16-22 cents) to cook food for 8 hours, and an oven will use an average of 2.4 kWh (31 cents) per hour, or $2.48 per hour.

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Calculating the cost

For example, where you live, your power company charges 8.2 cents per kWh, and your electric oven uses 2900 watts, so it will cost you about 16 cents to run your oven for an hour. Because most slow cookers only use about 200 watts, you’ll only need 2 cents an hour to run your slow cooker, even at a higher rate per kWh. 

If you cook on electricity and live in an area where electricity prices are slightly higher than the rest of the country (like Seattle, where I live), an 8-hour slow cooker will only cost $0.10.

For cooking times over 8 hours, the cost is about 12-53 cents, depending on your kitchen’s power needs and electricity bills.

For cost, look at the wattage rating of the appliance (it has to be somewhere), divide by 1000 to get kilowatts, multiply by the number of hours used to get kWh, check your utility bill to see the cost per kWh.

For an 8 hour session, the kitchen consumes up to 0.8 kWh of energy, which will cost you only 10-12 cents. The lower the setting used, the less wattage it will consume.

The calculation shows that if you cook for 9 hours on low power, you will use 1620 watt-hours of electricity. 900 watt hours is far less than what an electric stove or oven requires for cooking. If you have a large 250W pot and cook dinner on it for 5 hours, you need to multiply 5 by 250.

At 70-250 watts, multicookers consume much less than the average stove or oven and continue to do their job even if it takes a lot longer.

A slow cooker running for 8–9 hours uses about 1300 watts, much less than a 2000–5000 watt oven for 60 minutes of cooking at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

How much power do multicookers use in America?

Multicookers in America use 120 volts AC in the range of 0.6 to 2 amps and the power consumption of the multicooker ranges from 70 watts (low temperature) to 250 watts (high temperature). Modern multi-cookers can consume up to 0.7 kWh per 8-hour cooking cycle, which is lower than most other kitchen appliances, including an oven, electric stove, and even a pressure cooker.

The time it takes to preheat the oven, which can take 30-60 minutes, also consumes as much energy as it takes to cook an entire dish for 8 hours in a slow cooker.

Ovens require a preheat of half an hour, using about 1.2 kWh, to which is added another 2-3 hours of cooking, which can use another 6-8.5 kWh to cook food in the oven.

When the oven reaches the desired temperature, it consumes significantly more energy than when it reaches that temperature and the heater turns off.

Simply put, it will cook all day, but consumes as much energy as one light bulb. The burner consumes more energy, no matter how much food you put on the stove.

Even a conventional electric stove does not get hot all the time during the cooking process, as the pot and the food inside retain some heat, and the resistance heats up only when it notices a drop in temperature, the calculation is not as favorable as that of a slow cooker. However, the cooking time is usually shortened when using a stovetop or oven.

Most ovens use about 2000 watts of electricity at medium heat, but this can vary greatly depending on the brand and cooking method. A standard electric oven draws 2500 watts (although older, less efficient models can draw up to 5000 watts).

Although the amount of power used varies depending on the model of slow cooker you buy and the heat settings used, most modern models are between 70 and 250 watts.

The calculation of a multicooker’s energy consumption depends on several variables, including the set temperature (low or high), the cooking time, and the size of the multicooker. Power consumption for the smallest hob can vary from 1200 watts per hour to over 3000 watts for the largest hob.

Is it Cheaper to Use a Slow Cooker?

The slow cooker is a cheap appliance to use as it uses a moderate amount of electricity. It is also a very useful appliance if you are short on time and cannot look after the food on a stovetop or in the oven. It saves both time and money.

Can I Leave a Slow Cooker Turned on all Night?

Leaving a slow cooker on for the whole night is not a problem, but it is safer to use it in the daytime so that you can check it often. As it is also an electric appliance that heats up, so it is advised to keep an eye on it rather than leaving it unchecked for the whole night.

Does Slow Cooker Consume High Electricity?

If you are cooking in slow cookers or crockpot, the recipes like soups, stews, and even roasts utilizes about 0.6-0.8 kWh of electric power. On the other hand, they utilize about 2-3 KWh of electricity for cooking the same recipes in electric ovens or cooking ranges. Hence, crackpots are more energy efficient.

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