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How Long Does Rum Last Once Opened

How Long Does Rum Last Once Opened

How Long Does Rum Last Once Opened

Rum can last for up to 5-6 months once opened. Unopened rum can last for years.After opening, the shelf life of rum may decreases. You should store rum in a pretty cool place, not in a refrigerator. Once the bottle is opened, keep it tightly closed when not in use.

As mentioned, an unopened bottle of rum has a potential shelf life of indefinitely, but it needs to be stored properly. Unopened rum does not get spoiled, but after opening a bottle, you are best served using within 6 months.

If you had stored a bottle of already opened rum for a few years, it would not go bad (if sealed), but it is possible that you might have chosen to throw it out due to the quality. An opened bottle of rum may last you years, and will not go bad, but you might not be happy with the quality.

If you store your Rum correctly (sealed by the top once the bottle is opened) then it will last many years well and going bad is really not an option. Unless you are keeping it in an unsealed bottle near the radiator or in direct sunlight, rum can be stored for YEARS without going bad after opening. There are a couple things to know about storing rum, so if you do decide to keep it for a couple years, it will still be at its best after that period.

Type of rumShelf Life (In refrigerator)
Unopened rumIndefinite
An opened bottle of rum6 months
Can unopened rum go bad?

Rum does not spoil, but it is quality may diminish over time, particularly if not stored correctly. Rum has a non-terminating shelf life once you open a bottle, but will degrade with time (depending on how it is stored). As you might know, rum begins to lose its rumy taste after opening a bottle (depending on how well it is stored, how much liquid is in the bottle, etc.). The flavor of rum begins to slowly fade once you open the bottle (depending on how long you have had it). The rum begins to slowly lose the rum flavor (depending on how it is stored, how much liquid is in the bottle, and so on ).

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Learn can unopened ram goes bad

Rather than going bad, rum, just like other spirits, has a tendency to degrade in quality and lose taste once you open a bottle. Once the bottle is opened, rums shelf life remains undetermined, but slowly deteriorates (depending on how it is stored). Since alcohol evaporates faster than water, rum (after opening the bottle) starts to get smoother over time.

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The more air you let into a rum bottle, the quicker that famous oxidation process happens, removing flavor from the rum. Remember, air is your enemy, and an airer will result in a quicker evaporation process and smoother flavor in your rum.

Even the best designs will let air into the bottle, and it will rapidly degrade alcohol quality. A smaller bottle (with a tight-fitting top–a carboy does not cut it) limits air exposure and may slow down the oxidation process–for a time. Once you have cut the bottle in half, consider moving it into a smaller bottle to lessen air exposure.

If you decide to do so, be sure that your smaller bottle or container can be sealed tight so that virtually no air is allowed to get into your bottle and take all of your tasty-tasting rum flavors with it. If you choose to do this, make sure the smaller bottles or containers can be closed tightly to make sure little to no air is allowed to enter the bottle so all of your delicious rum flavor is not stolen. Store opened rums in glass containers darker than the original bottles, if necessary, this will help with the light-resistance.

It is best to stay on the safe side and store the bottles on a shelf at your bar, or even a wine cellar. Even if your bottles are not at risk of spoiling, it is best to keep them tightly sealed according to their preservation guidelines. You will also usually have to refrigerate them once opened, which is on the bottle, too. In fact, liquors containing dairy products do not last as long, even in unopened bottles, so carefully consider the decision to buy.

That is, bottles properly stored with the factory seals on will still be comparatively fresh, even after 10 years of production, which means the aromas and flavor intensity of a properly stored bottle will remain relatively intact. If kept cool, dry, and dark, a non-opened bottle of rum lasts almost forever, and does not change in colour or flavour substantially. An opened bottle of rum will stay at the best possible quality for a few months after opening, about 6 to 8 months. Store your opened rum in a cool, dry location, away from direct heat and sunlight, if you wish to prolong its shelf life.

Like most other spirits, your rum will benefit from being stored somewhere cold with no light. Exposure to heat and light will trigger chemical changes within any alcohol bottle, opened or not, so it is recommended that you keep it stored in a cabinet or cool, dark area. In a cool, dark place, you can keep your rum for nearly forever, but as soon as you open it, it will begin to break down after around three months.

It is natural for volatile compounds to vaporize first, so you will want to drink your rum within six months of opening it. To protect the flavor profile as much as possible from oxidation, you should drink it within one year if you have a bottle that is half-full or less, while you will get around three or four months before it becomes suspect if you have under a quarter bottle. It will become mushy and stale if stored for too long, so only store an opened bottle of vermouth for about two to three months. Rum keeps its contents and flavor profile up to 8 months when kept sealed in the bottle/container using the cork or twist top.

If you are opening your rum, making sure you seal it tightly after using it, and properly storing it, using a screw top, and moving your rum into smaller bottles, one at a time, will greatly increase your rums shelf life. An unopened rum bottle undergoes a gradual oxidation which causes the alcohol to develop flavors over time. If even just a tiny amount of air is trapped in your bottle, opened or not, then over the years, your rum or spirits slowly deteriorate, and you are likely to end up losing much, if not all, of their taste.

Can old rum make you sick?

You don’t get sick from drinking old booze and drinking alcohol that has been open for longer than a year produces a drier flavor. While ruined wine naturally tastes vinegary or nutty but isn’t hazardous, flat beer typically tastes weird and may make you queasy.

What is the shelf life of rum?

If stored properly, it has an endless storage life. As you are aware, depending on storage conditions, the amount of liquid in the bottle, etc., rum gradually loses flavor after being opened. Because of this, it is advised to consume the rum within several years of opening.

How do you store rum after opening?

Even after being opened, rum’s storage life may be increased with careful storage. Your opened rum’s shelf life will be extended if you keep it somewhere cold, dry, and out of the sun. To ensure that the flavor is preserved and that you may enjoy it at its best in the future, keep the vessel securely closed.