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How Long Does Pineapple Infused Vodka Last

How Long Does Pineapple Infused Vodka Last

It is recommended that you allow about 2 weeks, or even longer (4-6 weeks depending on preference), of setting time with your pineapple-infused vodka, to allow for the flavors of the pineapple and the vodka to intermingle completely, and you will have a tasty cocktail for yourself. After this, you can store your pineapple-infused vodka in the bottle, then all you have to do is to grab your vodka bottle or any other air-tight bottle, put the funnel with the cheesecloth inside it, and strain out the pineapple-infused vodka. Put a little bit of ice and the pineapple vodka into a cocktail shaker, shake well, and then strain it out to your martini glass.

To serve, add ice to your cocktail shaker, add about 3 shots of vodka into your shaker with ice, and shake vigorously until it is extra chilled. Pour the two bottles of vodka into a container, making sure that pineapple chunks are kept as separate as possible. When all that is left in the bowl are pieces of pineapple that are wet with vodka, put the pineapple pieces onto a cheesecloth, tightly wrapped with it, and press down on whatever remains of the liquid in the bowl now that you are done. Now, transfer that infusion to jars with a ball top, or other sealed containers, by taking out large chunks of pineapple, and straining any remaining liquid through a fine mesh strainer.

If your infusion contains seeds/pulp from fruits like strawberries, line the fine mesh sieve with cheesecloth to get rid of as much sediment as possible. To strain your infusion, strain the liquid through a fine mesh sieve into a wide-mouthed jar, measuring cup, or glass bowl. If your vodka is still somewhat cloudy after it is done, strain again and transfer it into the cleaned jar.

Storage PlacesShelf Life
Fridge2 weeks
Room Temperature14 days
Shelf life of pineapple vodka in different storage places.

Alcohol does not change the taste of the candy at all, so it will taste just like you would have had if you had eaten two (or more) Starbursts together. The flavored vodka is something of an exception to that, since it tastes like juice that is already mixed in with vodka. In terms of the original flavor, it is still very alcohol-heavy, and as such, a lot of people would find the taste to be disappointing when not helped by other types of alcohol, juice, or soda.

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While vodka may have some spice, overall taste palate leaves space for other ingredients such as spices, herbs, vanilla, and some fruits to develop. If you are steeping your vodka in fruits, then you may want to go heavy, but be light on spices and herbs, which tend to contribute stronger flavors.

Watch this video to learn about the shelf-life of Pineapple infused Vodka

Remember, you are going to layer in your own flavors, so you do not want any harsh floral, citrus, or whatever the hell people say vodka tastes like on its own. Remember, a lot of drinks made with pineapple vodka, such as a basic pineapple martini, are pretty close to being straight vodka. These drinks can be deceptively tasty, as you cannot actually taste the alcohol, so take caution while enjoying your vodka.

Homemade pineapple vodka is super simple to make, and the pineapple flavors are much more robust than any store-bought pineapple vodka that we tried. If you tried this pineapple vodka recipe, do not forget to give this pineapple vodka recipe a rating and let us know how it turned out in the comments below.

You can also consume pineapple slices just like it is, or you can also use it as garnishes and to give your cocktail glasses that aesthetic appeal. If your vodka happens to end up in on a night when you are having a party, you may want to place pineapple bits as a side dish. Just allow your chopped pineapple to steep in some good vodka for a couple of weeks, and BAM, you will have yourself a smooth, crisp, citrusy-sweet pineapple martini cocktail ready to go in the tank at any time.

If you roast the pineapple before adding to vodka, you will be able to keep your vodka for a lot longer. No, due to the high alcohol content of the pineapple-infused vodka, the pineapples submerged will not spoil, but can turn color if stored for very long. You do not have to refrigerate a big one, as the alcohol in the vodka will keep the pineapples fresh, keeping them from spoiling or getting mouldy.

If you strain out the fresh fruit, you can store it for years after you let it cool, as it does not get moldy while it is stored in the alcohol. Because of alcohol, mold cannot grow on fruit; it can also last years after you strain it. Vodka can be stored at room temperature as long as it is stored in tight-sealed cans or bottles, along with dried spices and dried fruits. If something is not immersed in the spirit, like a grass stem, then the spirit must be refrigerated.

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Pineapple Infused Vodka Large pineapple pieces are a very powerful flavour, it is best to swirl well through the bottle you are keeping the whole pineapple-apple infused vodka to even out all of the contents. Stack the pineapple chunks into the vessel infusing to maximize surface area coming into contact with the vodka. A few extra slices of fresh pineapple for decoration (not a part of this infusion) You will also want to have a big container to hold the 3.5L+ of liquid heaven that you are about to make. Contrary to how much volume suggests, this is going to have the very similar flavor to straight pineapple juice, but is nearly entirely vodka.

After letting the whole two weeks (or however long you want it to marinate) is over, put a funnel into the open end of your whole vodka bottle, and place a scrap of cheesecloth into the funnel.

How long can fruit stay in infused vodka?

As a general rule, 3-5 days is the ideal duration for most fruit infusions. No need to worry even if you’re using fresh fruit as nothing will spoil. Because the alcohol prevents mold from growing on the fruit, you can keep it for years after straining it.

How long can you keep pineapple in vodka?

Ideally, you should consume pineapple vodka within a few days of making it. After that, the pineapple will start to lose its flavor and the vodka will start to take on a bitter taste. If you want to extend the shelf life of your pineapple vodka, you can store it in the fridge for up to a month. Beyond that, the quality of the vodka will start to decline.

How long will fruit infused vodka keep?

The type of fruit you use will have an impact on how long your vodka will keep. Citrus fruits will add a fresh and vibrant flavor to your vodka that won’t last as long as fruits with a more mellow flavor. If you simply add sliced fruit to your vodka, it will likely only retain its flavor for a few weeks.