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How Long Do Bananas Last In The Fridge

How Long Do Bananas Last In The Fridge

How Long Do Bananas Keep In the Fridge

Unripe bananas can be kept at room temperature for up to a month without going bad while ripe bananas last only two to three days. You can also store them in the fridge, however, note that unripe bananas will not ripen further f you choose to do so.

Keeping green bananas in a paper bag along with ripe bananas (or other fruit that is already ripe) can help to accelerate the ripening process. If you would like green bananas to ripen faster, place them near ripe fruits that also produce ethylene gas, like apples and tomatoes, to accelerate the process. Keeping your ripe bananas in a zipper top bag will also keep them safe from coming in contact with the ethylene gas released by the ripe fruits and vegetables also in your fridge.

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If you are keeping your ripe bananas in the fridge, and want to eat them fresh, you can either peel them off, or not. Ripening is the reason, particularly when they are green and not fully ripe, that you should keep your bananas at room temperature instead of the fridge. The biggest factor to remember before you store your bananas in the fridge is to wait until they are just perfectly ripe to your tastes.

Learn how to keep bananas fresh

In those cases, I would place them in the fridge, where they usually stay fresh about 5 to 7 days after they are ripe. Once bananas are completely yellow, you can probably help them last for a couple of days longer by keeping them in the fridge.

At room temperature2-3 daysMay improve blood sugar levels
In refrigerator5-7 daysMay improve insulin sensitivity when unripe
Temperature, Storage, and Benefits of Bananas.

Putting green bananas in the fridge will stop the process from ripening, spoiling the bananas sweet taste, and worst of all, they will turn black anyway. Store them as they are still ripening, and cold temperatures in a fridge will slow down or hinder this process, turning the skin into black. You cannot refrigerate green bananas right away, since low temperatures will leave them forever in an unripe state. Allowing them to remain room temperature in your house will result in them being ripe for anywhere between one and five days.

If you buy your bananas while their skin is still green, and it seems like it is taking too long for them to ripen, you can speed up the process. The skin will keep turning brown, and the fruits themselves will begin rotting in 10 days. The skin of a banana still continues to turn brown or black, however, the fruits within should still be edible after 1 – 2 weeks. The peel will become spots and brown, however, the fruit will remain as is when you placed it in the refrigerator, prolonging your bananas life by another week or even two.

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You just put your banana, still covered by its peel, into the freezer and take it out when you need it later. Simply put your banana slices into a freezer-safe bag and place in your freezer; ready for you to pull out when you want to make banana smoothies or banana ice cream. Allow your banana slices to freeze solid (only a couple hours should do) storing in your freezer date bag. Simply smash bananas (do not puree), add one tablespoon of lemon juice (to make sure they do not turn brown), and store in a freezer bag or a freezer-safe container.

You should also try to keep your crushed bananas in the coldest part of your refrigerator, unless you plan on using your crushed bananas within at least a couple of days. If you truly cannot finish your bananas before they go bad, and plan on using them only as a flavoring for the next baked bread recipe or pie, then keeping your ripened bananas in the freezer is perfectly okay. If you are planning on making banana pancakes or bread, or even smoothies, you may want to store your bananas in the freezer to make them last even longer than in the fridge. Whether you are getting ready to make a delicious fruit smoothie, or just sick and tired of your bananas going bad before you can eat them, freezing bananas helps prevent browning.

Whether you are looking to store bananas in the fridge or not, you need to know how to pick out the freshest bananas at the supermarket. If you are keeping bananas in the freezer, be sure that all of your foods are stored correctly, either in an airtight container or wrapped in plastic wrap, so that you do not end up with an accidental banana-flavored turkey sandwich. Whether for baking or making smoothies, be sure to keep your overripe bananas in your refrigerator so they do not further ripen and ultimately spoil. You can refrigerate ripe bananas to help keep them fresh longer, but refrigerating unripe ones will stunt the ripening process and turn the skin black.

Bananas that still have green skins are not fully ripe, so they will keep for longer when you bring them home. Because of the changes, you will have to make the choice of eating a brown banana, which tastes just like an overripe banana, or the nice, ripe banana, which tastes kind of like lemon juice. This is just a process of mashing the ripening bananas, and you will find the brown bananas are a lot sweeter.

If left uneaten, the process of ripening continues until the bananas have that bruised look, eventually turning black. To speed up ripening, place the bananas in a brown paper bag on a countertop; to make bananas ripen faster, add an apple to the bag. The brown paper bag traps the gas ethylene, while an apple or two provides additional ethylene, which both make your green bananas yellow more quickly.

Bananas do not stop ripening after they are frozen, so it is best to allow them to get slightly brown before freezing to make sure that you are getting the best sugar from your fruits. If you are going the freezer route, keep in mind that refrigerated bananas will begin turning brown or black within 3-5 days, depending on how ripe they were in the first place. Just as how people preserve mangoes, ripe bananas can last in the refrigerator for up to 1 week, provided that you follow proper storage procedures.

How long does it take for a banana to go bad?

It takes 2 to 7 days for Unripe bananas to ripen if resting on the countertop. Once ripe, they can be kept for up to 2 to 3 days at room temperature and almost 7 and 10 days if you store them in the fridge. 

Why you shouldn’t put bananas in the fridge?

Bananas are a tropical leafy foods no regular safeguard against the chilly in their cell walls. These become burst by chilly temperatures, making the natural products’ stomach related chemicals spill out of the cells, which makes the banana’s skin become totally in dark, as indicated by A Moment of Science.

Can you keep bananas in a plastic bag?

Putting ethylene-delivering natural products in an encased space assists with concentrating the ethylene and accelerate maturing. One notable technique is to put bananas or avocadoes inside a paper sack to mature quicker. It’s for the most part not prescribed to store bananas in a common plastic pack, as this traps moisture.

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