How Long Cut Onion Last In The Fridge

How Long Cut Onion Last In The Fridge?

To put it simply, cut onions in any form; whether chopped, sliced, or halved (cooked or not) have quite a short shelf life – even when placed in a refrigerator. These onions will last only up to one week in the fridge, that too if stored properly in an airtight container.

To preserve a half onion, make sure that you have wrapped up the cutting side tightly before placing it in the fridge. It is recommended that you keep your chopped onions in a sealed container or plastic bag when you are in the fridge. Once chopped, onions can be stored in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 7 days.

CutCut the onions in half
WrapWrap up the cutting side properly and tightly
StorePlace them in the fridge
Steps required to store cut onions in the fridge.

Once onions are peeled or otherwise cut, they are best stored in a bag or airtight container in the fridge. That is, keep cooked onions for up to five days in an airtight container in the fridge. When you keep cooked onions in the fridge, once you put them into a proper container, they will stay good for three to five days. Peeled onions will keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator, whereas diced or chopped onions only will keep for seven to 10 days ( 4 ).

With proper preservation, chopped, diced, or diced onions can last in the refrigerator for up to 20 days. According to USDA, whole peeled onions last 10-14 days when stored in a refrigerator, whereas diced and chopped onions usually last 7-9 days when stored refrigerated. In general, onions should last seven to 10 days in your fridge, and six to eight months in the freezer, but it can all depend on how you store them. Fortunately, with some TLC, you can maximize the shelf life of onions–they can last between two to three months when stored correctly–and we have got everything you need to know.

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The best way to store whole onions is in a cool, dark, dry space, where they can last for up to two months. Ideally, onions should be stored in a cool, dark area that is 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw, whole onions will last for two or three months if stored in a cool, dry area. That is, if you do not have the refrigerator space, and keeping onions at room temperature is the only option, then whole, raw onions will last between two to four weeks at room temperature. If you do not have a pantry, basement, or even garage, onions are best stored in a refrigerator, where they will last for up to two weeks, or at room temperature, where they will last for about a week.

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While onions will last for a month or longer if stored correctly, you can buy extra time by freezing them. Whether you keep them in your pantry or refrigerator, whole or chopped, onions lose their freshness quickly if they come in contact with any sort of moisture. Spring onions also have a higher humidity content than other onions, so storing them best is to put them into a sealed plastic ziploc bag in the vegetables section of the refrigerator. Similar to the Half Onions Storage Guide, chopped onions only need to be placed in your refrigerator; but unlike half onions, these will be harder to store in plastic wrap.

Onions can also be stored in the freezer, and the best way to store them is by first peeling the top layer, and then cutting or cutting onions, then placing in an airtight container or a heavy-duty freezer bag. When choosing onions, look for ones that are solid, without soft spots, and completely covered by their skin, which should look papery and dry. Do not pick onions with mold, discoloration, bruises, cuts, or any strange odors. Once you cut an onion, store in an airtight container — preferably a glass one, since plastic absorbs smells. Unless you are storing scallions or spring onions, do not use your fridge to store full onions. You can keep whole onions in the refrigerator for around 1 to 2 months, but that may not be the best use of your refrigerator space.

Like white and yellow onions, red onions will last for about 30 to 60 days when stored in the refrigerator. When using fresh onions, we keep unused parts for up to one week in our refrigerator, either in a Ziploc bag or in a sealed Rubbermaid-style container. We just covered a practice to help make our onions last longer, which is by cutting them, placing them into appropriate containers, and keeping them refrigerated or frozen. Keeping chopped onions in the freezer may increase their lifespan for 5-8 months, but eventually, they will become mushy and soggy when thawed.

Keep in mind that frozen chopped onions will have a softer texture than fresh onions when thawed, so you may need to save them for ingredients for cooked dishes. In fact, you should avoid keeping raw onions in the refrigerator–the coldness will make them lose their crispness, and eventually, they will be too soggy to be used reasonably in cooking. It is also critical that you store your uncut onions in a mesh bag or an open basket instead of in plastic bags, since plastic bags lack proper ventilation, which helps onions to last longer.

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Most bags of onions, as well as those that you pick up in a grocery store bin, will do best stored cool, dry, ideally away from light (these are the storage onions — the regular red, white, and yellow ones). While there are ways to be creative with the rest of the onions (caramelizing them, for instance, or combining with bell peppers and onions), we tend to fall into a habit of saving a half-onion or diced/sliced onions for later. If you really want to have a constant supply of slices, slices, or diced onions for soups, casseroles, and stews, you might want to consider freezing slices where they will stay in great condition for three to six months.

Onions will also last for at least two to three months in the fridge — just keep in mind their texture can become slightly soft in the refrigerator, since onions soak up moisture quite readily. If you store onions at room temperature (like the pantry), they last around two to perhaps 3 weeks in warmer months, and around one month in cooler months. How long onions last is variable depending on different factors, like if they are peeled vs. not, whole or chopped, raw or cooked, etc. Whole, not peeled onions typically keep up to two months as long as the whole is stored correctly.

How do you know if an onion has gone bad?

Onions that have been spoiled may get dark stains, which will eventually start to sprout mold. Additionally, you should stay away from sprouting onions because this is a sign that they are starting to spoil. To determine how fresh your onions are, you can also feel them. Onions that have soft or mushy patches are beginning to spoil.

How fast do onions go bad in the fridge?

According to studies, onions can begin to spoil in the refrigerator in as little as three days. Yet, they can endure up to two weeks if they are kept in a cold, dry environment. Therefore make sure to store your onions in a cool, dry place if you want to keep them as fresh as possible.

How to store cut onions in the refrigerator?

One way is to put them in a covered container, like a zip-top bag or a plastic container with a lid. This will lessen the likelihood that the onions will release their stench into the refrigerator’s air. Another approach is to submerge the onions in water. This will assist in preventing them from drying out and from releasing their smell. Make sure to replace the water every few days.

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