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How Long Can You Store Beer

How Long Can You Store Beer

How Long Can You Store Beer

Beer can be stored for up to 6 months if stored in a cool and dark place. If stored in a warm place beer last for about 3 months. However, beer tastes best when it is fresh. After bottling or barrel conditioning is finished, it begins to lose its taste. 

You can expect beer to last for at least 5 months after the bottle date, as long as it is stored correctly. An unopened bottle of beer, stored correctly and kept at room temperature, will generally retain its best qualities for around 4 months, though you may be able to consume after this period. The best temperature for storing an unopened bottle of beer is between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is cooler than room temperature, but warmer than your standard refrigerator. As you can see, high temperatures easily cause beer to quickly spoil, so it is important that you keep it stored at an appropriate temperature.

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Because beer is resistant to heat, it will be at its best when kept cool, but can still be fine to go bad when stored at room temperature. Yes, heat will actually make your beer go bad faster than it would if you kept it refrigerated or kept it in a cool basement. Yes, beer really does like to be kept cool, and will keep for a lot longer if kept at a consistent, cold temperature for the duration of its life. Beer stored in a cooler will last at least two months longer than beer stored at room temperature.

If stored in cool and dark placeUp to 6 months
At room temperature4 months
Unopened bottle of beer is between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit4-6 months
Temperature and for how long you can store beer.

Like bottles, canned beers are best consumed within 6 months of storage if kept cool, 3 months if stored warm. Beers that are canned typically have longer shelf lives than those that are stored in bottles because there is less exposure to light. The shelf life of canned beer is 6 months when kept in a dark, cool place, like the refrigerator. If you decide to not store your beer refrigerated, make sure that you store it somewhere cool, dark, and kept at a consistent temperature.

Keep canned and bottled beer just above room temperature and just below freezing temperature to extend its shelf life. If preservation is not an option, keep in a refrigerator or room temperature, provided it is not opened. Place cans and sealed bottles in a refrigerator, because it helps you get ideal temperatures, as well as better UV protection, for getting that great brew. You cannot safely store beer in the freezer for a long time as a beer can and bottle will blow apart in cold temperatures.

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Also, take care to avoid keeping beer in your refrigerator, as just like water, beer also freezes, and this is not the ideal way for you to consume it. If you keep your beer in storage for an extended period of time, it may not have that great of flavor, and you are likely to discard it anyway. This means there is not much point keeping your beer once you open it — it is going to taste stale in two days, and you are likely to discard it anyway. If you store your beer at room temperature without opening, it should still be delicious between four to six months.

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It may take several days for a beers taste to change if you store it at room temperature longer than six months, while if you are exposed to extremely hot temperatures, it is just a matter of days. Generally, commercial beer does not experience any significant changes in freshness until about six to 24 months after its date of purchase. It can take a day or two before the beer changes fully, but only a few minutes under harsh sunlight is needed to begin the change in taste. This is because, like wine and bottle shock, the light will accelerate beer oxidation and degrade its flavor a lot faster.

The best solution is to store your beer in barrels, barrels, and cans that keep UV light out. Dark-bottled products are the best option if you are looking to extend your beers shelf life, as they block UV light, which degrades and compromises beer quality. Prevent diacetyl from occurring by choosing bottles and cans without leakage, and keeping your beer upright when you are storing it.

If your beer is in bottles, you will want to keep it somewhere that does not get sunlight. If you want to avoid natural light exposure and keep the beer cold, Matt Simpson says that a cooler is the only place that is best for your beer storage.

If you are truly a beer nerd, consider adding a beer-specific fridge that allows you to keep brewed beverages at ideal temperatures to store or serve. Proper beer storage is the key to an awesome tasting experience, and having the proper storage temperatures makes every beer taste the best. While all foods and beverages only last for a short period if not stored correctly, proper storage extends beer beyond the best-by date.

The short answer is yes, beer does spoil, but under the right conditions, it can be kept for an extended time. The answer as to how long an unopened bottle of beer lasts depends on the beer type, as well as if it is brewed commercially or home-brewed. Regular beers (with fairly low alcohol) will probably last for at least a half-year, provided that they are not opened in bottles or jars.

Chilling all of your beers AT least 50 degrees F. or 55 degrees C. will allow them to keep cool for a long time, but it is not necessarily optimal drinking temperature. Basically, you cannot keep your beer that way too long, but it is handy for chilling quickly when you need it for a party. Storage is easy to handle, by adjusting the temperature of the beer cooler according to the styles of beers that you are keeping inside.

As I mentioned, the best place to store your unopened beers is a dark, cool area such as a pantry, wine cellar, and refrigerator. One quick note: Many will recommend keeping your beer upright (in the cellar) for a longer time to avoid leaks or yeast building up on the walls of your container. Ideally, you will open your beer only when you really want to drink it, as soon as it is opened, it loses its foam.

Hoppy beer is more susceptible to temperature fluctuations, but 1 or 2 instances of cooling it back down to room temperature does not affect flavor as long as you plan on drinking it within the next 30-45 days. Yes, 30o of temperature swings within 5 minutes definitely affects long-term beer stability, and yes, beers do like to be kept cold, and they should be, if they are available.

Does beer skunk in cans?

While hot beer can age more quickly, it doesn’t stink. The majority of beers are marketed in solid metal cans or dark glass bottles since it’s all about the sunshine. Even if the beer in a light glass container is likely made with synthetic rather than natural hops, skunking can nonetheless happen.

How do I know if my beer is expired?

On the neck or shoulder of beer bottles, the expiration date is frequently written. On many beer containers, the expiration date is written on the bottom. If there is no beer expiration date listed on the package or anywhere else on the bottle/can, your last option is to search the carrier or case packing.

Can beer be stored for years?

The shelf life of beer will depend on the container and location of storage. Most beers retain their quality for three years after being packaged. When kept at room temperature, beer keeps for six to nine months after its use-by date. If the refrigerator is used, this term may be prolonged by up to two years.