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How Long Can You Keep Cooked Corn On The Cob

How Long Can You Keep Cooked Corn On The Cob

How Long Can You Keep Cooked Corn On The Cob

You can keep cooked corn on the cob for about 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator. To store it properly, you should cut off the ends and wrap the ears in aluminum foil. Corn tastes slightly sweet and gritty when cooked. To store corn on the cob for longer, you can also freeze it. 

The length of time that corn will stay on the cob depends on if it is been steamed, and whether it is cooked or uncooked. Fresh corn on the cob will last for around 1 to 3 days when stored correctly in a refrigerator. The fresh corn on the cob lasts about 8 months if stored correctly after it is blanched, chilled in cold water, and stored in a plastic freezer bag or wrapped in heavy-duty plastic wrap.

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You can store the corn on the cob in the refrigerator for a week or up to 12 months in the freezer. Doing this will give you more room in your fridge to store the corn, as well as keep kernels from drying out.

Make sure that your cooling ears of corn are totally free from any water drops, pack your ears in freezer-safe plastic bags, remove any extra air, and place them into your freezer. If eating is not an option, store the unhusked ears of corn loosely in a freezer–do not pack them tightly together in plastic bags. If you are planning on eating your corn within the next day or two, place unhusked, loose ears directly in your fridge so that they stay fresh without being cracked. The freezer is an ideal place for corn kernels to stay if you are planning on eating it in just a couple days.

StorageShelf life
In refrigerator3-4 days
In freezerUp to 12 months
At room temperature1-2 hours
Storage and Shelf life of Cooked Corn Cob.

The best way to store cooked corn, both whole kernels and in their kernels, is in the fridge for eating within three to five days. Well, typically, uncooked corn, if kept according to the rules for preservation, may only keep for two to three days, if kept in a refrigerator. As long as you keep the freezer under 30 degrees F, raw corn should keep fresh about a year. For the best flavor and freshness, you do not want to keep fresh corn on the cob in your refrigerator much longer than three days.

If you like fresh corn, but you do not want to eat it off the cob every time, you can cut your corn off its ears uncooked and freeze it in bags. If you are crunched for time, or just do not want to spend time husking your corn, you can freeze it with the husks still attached. You can cut the remaining corn on the cob from the cob and make corn salad, you can use it as a component in another side dish, or you can leave it on the cob and heat it up this way. Taste is not a certainty, and if you do end up with some leftover cooked corn on the cob, you can always save it and use it for another day.

Learn how long can you keep cooked corn on the cob

The longer you let unhusked corn sit at room temperature, the less sweet and less fresh it tastes. If you wrap your unshucked corn in plastic or foil, it should keep for about the same time. While you cannot store the husked corn outside, unshucked corn is fine to keep at room temperature for a short period before refrigeration. If your ear of corn is already sucked, you may want to wrap the cobs in plastic or foil before keeping them in the refrigerator–this helps to keep a little bit of the moisture.

You can also blanche your corn, as described above, before cutting off the sliced kernels from the cob, and freeze those in a similar manner. To freeze the blanched cut kernels, just follow the directions on the unblanched corn cutting and freezing; just be sure that your ears of corn are cool and dry before starting the kernel cut. If you want, you can freeze corn kernels as well, which can help to save a little bit of room in the freezer. If you have cooked too much corn and would like to keep a few, just put your remaining ears into an airtight container.

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When you are ready to prepare your corn, you will pull your corn out of its airtight bags, allowing it to thaw so it can easily be sucked. You can wrap the cooked corn on the cob in plastic wrap. Place cooked corn on the cob in the freezer bag. It is worth noting the freezer is actually a better choice in case you wish to store the cooked corn on the cob for longer periods. It is recommended that you keep the containers of your cooked corn on the cob in one of the shelves in the freezer, not in the doors, because the doors of your fridge experience lots of temperature fluctuations.

Properly storing your cooked corn on the cob in a freezer will significantly extend its shelf life, due to the cold temperatures in a freezer stopping bacterial growth on the cooked corn on the cob. Cooked corn on the cob will last for approximately 3 – 5 days in the refrigerator when stored correctly, at or below 40F, in a sealed container or plastic ziploc bag. Corn removed from the cob and cooked stays fresh in the fridge for an entirely similar amount of time. Well, that is the more optimal way to keep your corn going for a little bit longer, but only if you are planning on cooking it in a day or two.

Otherwise, if you remove its husks, or if you purchase corn with husks already removed, you need to consume it within two days. If you bought corn and intend on eating it that same day, you are okay with setting it out to cool with its husks still on. You do not want to wait too long after you pick it to husk and store the corn, nor do you want to get more than you can put away and eat before it goes bad. If you enjoy buying corn on the cob in bulk, but you are unable to finish each and every ear before it goes bad, then you are going to want to know the best methods to store corn on the cob.

Fortunately, refrigerators, freezers, and pantries all provide alternate methods to keep corn fresh during various seasons, along with ways to store beans, as well as other fruits and vegetables. There are plenty of ways to keep a whole ear of corn fresh in your kitchen, ensuring that it stays cold, preventing kernels from losing their crunchy texture and sweet taste. Scoop the vegetable grub into a container, seal it, and keep your corn in the refrigerator for about three days.

Can uncooked corn on the cob make you sick?

As with any food, eating contaminated corn increases your risk of developing food poisoning symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It is also important to note that many people have corn allergies. If you are one of them, eating fresh maize may cause you to suffer these symptoms.

Can corn on the cob stay on the counter?

The first step is to put the best maize in the refrigerator after selecting it from the supermarket or farmer’s market. It generally won’t get harmed if you store it at room temperature as long as you plan to eat it soon. Keep it cold, though, for the finest flavor.

Can you eat raw corn?

The majority of people like to consume maize that has been cooked, frequently with seasonings, butter, and oils. Raw maize can be consumed without risk. For many, the greatest way to enjoy young, soft corn is uncooked. Salads, soups, and casseroles can benefit from the kernels’ added texture.