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How Long Can You Freeze Italian Sausage

How Long Can You Freeze Italian Sausage

How long can you freeze Italian sausages for?

If you store Italian sausages in the freezer, provided they are of good quality, they should last for at least 2 months. If you keep them frozen for more than two months they may still not spoil however they will lose much of their flavor and texture.

Yes, you certainly can freeze Italian sausages in your freezer; however, the best way to do this is by cooking them before freezing, as a raw sausage is most likely to develop nasty freeze burn. You can freeze cooked sausages and pepperoni, but pepperoni is more likely to freezer burn far faster than sausage because of its higher water content. This is because while the cooked sausages might not suffer the same effects, the additional water content still has an adverse effect on sausage quality if you keep sausages and peppers together. Freezing Italian sausages will keep the quality of the meat, but if sausages are frozen too fast, the fat content will melt and trickle down to the other items in your freezer.

You can freeze any type of sausage as long as you want; however, after approximately two months, it will start to lose quality, in both flavor and texture. You can freeze sausages and pepperoni up to 6 months, however, the longer you keep your sausages and pepperoni frozen, the more the quality decreases. If you are buying the sausage uncooked, straight from the butcher, bring it home, cook it on its own, before freezing; in that case, the USDA suggests that freezing preserves sausage quality for at least two months, and goes on up to three months.

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Raw sausages will last one or two months in a freezer before the quality starts to deteriorate, no matter what the contents or type. Frozen raw sausages will retain their quality only for approximately 2 months, whereas cooked frozen sausages will retain their best quality for up to 3 months. Properly stored, frozen sausage links will retain their best quality for approximately 6 months in the freezer, though if stored correctly they generally remain safe for consumption beyond this time.

Learn how to make Italian sausages

Remember, you can usually prepare frozen sausages right from the freezer, though they take a bit longer to thaw compared to the method for defrosting. It is best to put sausages into the freezer ASAP so they retain their flavor and quality. This way, you can store sausages in the freezer indefinitely and not worry about spoiling.

TypesShelf Life
Frozen Raw Sausages2 months
Cooked Frozen Sausages3 months
Properly Stored Frozen Sausages6 months
Shelf Life of Different types of Sausages.

Sausages can simply be browned or cooked with marinade or browned on a tray before you put them into the freezer. Simply put the sausages in their packages (or sandwich bags) on the lower shelf of your refrigerator. To store the sausages in your freezer safely, wrap them in butcher paper or in a plastic zip-lock bag.

You can also use freezer paper, plastic wrap, or a strong, leakproof aluminum foil to keep your sausages frozen. If sausages are being stored in a cooler, the foam packaging is sufficient; however, you prefer the more dense wrapping if the sausages are being stored in a freezer. To prolong the shelf life of the sausages, you may want to use heavy-duty foil, plastic wrapping, or a freezer-safe bag instead of the original store-bought papers.

Leftover sausages will keep for three or four days in the fridge, or in the freezer for two or three months. Fresh, uncooked sausages can be stored one to two days in the fridge, after baking, stored for three to four days refrigerated (40degF or lower).

To keep cooked sausages nice and fresh, keep them sealed tightly and make sure to refrigerate them within two hours after cooking. Italian sausages can be stored for long time, but we suggest consuming within one or two months in order to get the best use from them, flavor-wise.

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, frozen sausages can be stored in a refrigerator for a period of one to two months. According to the USDA, pre-cooked sausages can be kept for up to two weeks in the refrigerator when not opened, and up to a week once opened. The USDA also suggests thawing the prepared sausages, heating them appropriately, and eating them within a month or two after freezing.

While sausages may last indefinitely in a freezer, the USDA says that is true for almost all meats. If kept at a temperature of 40 degrees F. or lower, a raw sausage made with pork, chicken, beef, or turkey can stay cold for up to two days, according to the nations food safety experts. Frozen ground meat lasts three to four months, while whole chickens or turkeys can last up to one year, according to

Fresh cuts of meat, like chicken breasts, pork chops, and filet mignon, may have exceptional shelf lives in a freezer, lasting up to 12 months safely. If Italian sausage comes in the form of ground, unformed sausage, those options can last up to four months if stored correctly.

To get the longest shelf life, it is critical to either keep the Italian sausages in their original sealed packages (links and patties) or you vacuum pack the ground sausages and home-made products. The US Food and Drug Administration advises you to never let meat, poultry…or other refrigeration-required foods sit at room temperature for longer than two hours–one hour if air temperatures are over 90degF. However, if you do not plan on eating your Italian sausage within that timeframe, you are encouraged to freeze it in order to extend its shelf life. The American Meat Institute advises freezing sausages that are not going to be consumed for a day to two days ASAP in order to preserve their highest quality meat.

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If you are looking to freeze pork sausages, remember the best quality will keep one to two months, and then last for six months. Once you defrost sausages, do not re-freeze them until they are fully cooked. Cooked sausages usually last for three or four days in the refrigerator, or for four months in the freezer, but flavors begin to degrade the longer you keep them. We have already established that freezing Italian sausages once they are cooked is best; one more helpful tip for keeping those babies safe from freezer burn is keeping them far from the air.

Can frozen sausage go bad?

No matter what kind of food you place in your freezer, it can remain indefinitely, according to the USDA. Your sausages won’t spoil in the freezer as a result. Furthermore, it should continue to be edible for however long it is left at a constant temperature of 0°.

Can you freeze raw Italian sausage?

Italian sausage can be frozen without a doubt. Even when properly wrapped, uncooked Italian sausage that is frozen has a propensity to quickly develop freezer burn. The sausage will stay considerably longer in the freezer if it is cooked beforehand. Brown the ground Italian sausage in a pan before freezing.

Is it safe to eat pork that has been frozen for 2 years?

Foods that have been frozen can always be consumed. Fresh ground pork, pig liver, variety meats, and home-cooked pork should all be consumed within three to four months for the greatest quality. Fresh pork roast, steaks, chops, and ribs should be consumed within four to six months for the best quality.

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