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How Long Are Kiwis Good For

How Long Are Kiwis Good For

How Long Are Kiwis Good For

Kiwi fruits are delicious when eaten as a fruit or mixed into a fruit. Kiwi will last for about one to four weeks in a refrigerator when they are ripe. Unripe kiwi can be stored at a temperature ranging from 65 to 75 degrees Celcius for up to eight weeks.

As we stated above, the amount of time that your Kiwis stay fresh for is going to be highly dependent on the ripeness of your Kiwis, as well as the preservation. The shelf life of your kiwi is also influenced by the fruits ripeness, with extreme ripe kiwis lasting just days. No matter where you keep your fruit, you can expect to get a lot longer shelf life than your fresh equivalent.

If you are someone who purchases kiwis in bulk, you might have noticed that occasionally, after storing your fruit for several days, the fruit gets slimy or does not taste as great, and you might have wondered how long kiwis stay fresh, or how you can preserve them for a longer period of time. Kiwis really can get spoiled, but whether it happens too soon or not is entirely dependent on how ripe the fruit is and how you keep it stored. As with all fresh fruits, Kiwis have a relatively short shelf life, and they will begin to show signs of spoilage in only a couple of days if they are not stored properly. Once ripe, kiwis go bad in under a week depending on when they are ripe, but can survive for up to four weeks in the fridge.

Type of KiwisShelf Life
Ripe Kiwis4 weeks (In refrigerator)
Unripe Kiwis1 year (In freezer)
Kiwis (stored in a pantry)2-3 days
Type of kiwis and its shelf life

Ripe kiwis will last about four weeks in the fridge, and unripe kiwis can last for up to one year in the freezer. Fresh kiwi fruit can last for up to six days out of the fridge, depending on how ripe they are when you purchase them and where you store them, as the shelf life of kiwis depends on both. Kiwis last just a few days in a pantry, but can last weeks in a fridge or year in the freezer, if ripe. Kiwis, like all fruits, have a somewhat short shelf life beyond the fridge or freezer, and that shelf life may be affected by how ripe they are.

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Most of the time, the Kiwis that get first to the produce section at the supermarket are not yet ripe, and ripen over there as they wait for you to purchase them. You might get some kiwis in your local supermarket or farmers market, and you are wondering whether or not they are still fresh or edible a couple of days later. Just like any other fruit or vegetable, kiwis go bad, and most people might be unable to tell whether their kiwis are already gone.

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Kiwis sold from December through April are most likely picked before they are fully grown, so they may not be properly ripened by the time you receive them at home. Kiwis begin ripening within a couple of days, or maybe just one – this depends on how long they were stored at the grocery store. When your Kiwis are sufficiently ripe, or you are not looking forward to eating them in the coming days, consider keeping them in the refrigerator.

In case, you do want to eat kiwis immediately after taking them home, you should only purchase in small amounts and go for soft, ripe ones. Put ripe kiwis into your fridge, and you will be able to keep them fresh for 5-10 days, while you will be able to use the unripe ones up to 4 weeks without changing the flavor. Unripe kiwis can survive for some time on the counter, but as soon as they are ripe, you want to eat them pretty fast before their flavors and textures change.

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In addition to leaving them at room temperature to accelerate the ripening process, you can put fruit that produces ethylene near your kiwis. Fruits such as apples and bananas will help to ripen the unripe kiwis much faster than simply leaving them at room temperature.

If you would like to accelerate the ripening process, place the kiwis near fruits that produce ethylene gas, such as apples, bananas, or pears ([USU]). In this case, you would need to keep the kiwis in a paper bag or plastic container at room temperature, near or alongside the fruits that produce ethylene (apples, bananas, avocados, tomatoes). It is best to place those ethylene-producing fruits close to the unripe kiwis in order to accelerate the ripening process (by one to two days) in addition to keeping them at room temperature. You may be able to accelerate the ripening process by placing kiwis into a freeze-safe bag and placing an ethylene-producing fruit in it.

To speed up ripening, combine one kiwi with one banana in a paper bag, or simply place kiwis near a banana or an apple in the fruit bowl on the countertop. If the fruit is extra tough, try tossing it out to ripen for several days on the kitchen counter, near a banana or an apple, to see if it will soften and ripen. You can test ripeness on Kiwifruit by holding it in the palm and lightly crushing the fruit. Once you have done this, put your ripe kiwifruit into a sealed container or in a resealable plastic bag and store in the fridge.

To expedite this process, seal kiwis inside a paper bag with a ripe banana or apple for one or two days. If you want to keep your kiwis in the refrigerator the whole two weeks, make sure you pack them into a sealable bag or container. If you bought your kiwis at a sale and they are already soft to the touch, reduce your storage time by half. Once your kiwis are sliced, you will want to store them in a sealed container or a plastic container, and avoid any extreme heat or direct light.

You can store unripe kiwis on the counter for some time, but as soon as they are ripe, you want to eat them quickly before their flavors and textures are lost. It is important to note that kiwis are one of those fruits that continues to ripen after they are picked, which means if you do not intend on eating your fruit in just a couple days, you should always choose an unripe one. Keeping your kiwis near avocados, tomatoes, peaches, figs, apricots, pawpaws, cantaloupes, or pears may also help the kiwis to ripen more quickly. When it comes to whole kiwis, I have read they sometimes can keep up to a month, so your 3-week-old kiwi may still be fine for eating.

How do you store kiwi fruit in the fridge?

You may keep ripe kiwis in the refrigerator for 5 to 10 days and unripe kiwis for up to 4 weeks without the flavor changing. Kiwis should be kept in the fridge and in sealable bags or containers. While you can store unripe kiwis on the counter for some time, eat them as soon as they are ripe before their flavors and textures are lost.

How long are Kiwis good for after you buy them?

The majority of kiwis last 5 to 10 days in the fridge or up to a week when kept at room temperature. Kiwis may be frozen for long-term preservation and kept for a period of three months in an airtight container or freezer bag.

How can you tell if a kiwi is good?

So the only method to choose a decent Kiwi is by feel, other than avoiding apparent skin flaws or wrinkles. With your thumb, lightly press the kiwi. The fruit is ripe if it submits to mild pressure. The fruit is not yet ready to eat if it doesn’t and continues to feel firm.