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How Long After The Sell By Date Is Ground Beef Good

How Long After The Sell By Date Is Ground Beef Good

How Long After The Sell By Date Is Ground Beef Good?

Typically, ground beef can stay well for up to two days after its ‘sell-by’ date only if it has been stored properly. However, its quality will start to decline on its sell by date so you should make use of it as soon as you can. Do not use it if you see any signs of mold on it.

Generally, you can expect to be able to use ground meat a day or three past its sell-by date, depending on how it is been handled. After one to three days past its use-by date, if the ground beef has been stored correctly, it may still be usable. Since the use-by date indicates quality, if it has been stored correctly in the fridge at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be able to have the ground beef for 24-48 hours after its use-by date. You should be able to safely consume meat up to 2 days past that time if properly stored.

StorageTemperatureShelf Life
Kitchen counter60-68°F2 hours (suggested by USDA)
In the refrigerator32-34°F1-2 days
Freezer0°F4 months
Shelf Life of ground beef at different temperatures.

If you keep ground meat in a refrigerator, you can expect to be able to safely consume it up until its use-by date, or even several days beyond. Consumers are allowed to consume refrigerated ground beef for up to two days past the date of use on the package. You should not consume ground beef beyond the expiration date, unless it is frozen, in which case it may be kept up to 4 months (8). For example, if you bought a package of ground beef four days before the expiration date, you may be fine using it past the two-day mark.

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Learn to know about the signs when ground beef has gone bad

If your labels only give the Use-By dates and Buy-By dates, then it is generally assumed that the ground beef is good to go one to two days after its sell-by and buy-by dates. The buy-by dates assume that once the consumer has purchased any food; he or she is likely to keep it for several days before eating. If you purchase meat at a meat shop or another retail establishment, you can rest assured the meat was purchased by the sell-by date. If the tag just says sell by date, consensus suggests ground meat lasts one to two days past its sold-by date.

Any ground meat should be used within one to two days after purchasing it, while cuts of beef will be good for three to five days. Use or freeze meat, veal, pork, and lamb products that have a use-by date of 3 to 5 days after purchase. Use or freeze meat products with a Sell-By date purchased within 3 to 5 days of the package date. When choosing meat, you will also want to ensure the package is cool and does not have holes or tears, the package does not contain too much liquid, and you purchased it at or before its Sell-By date.

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Make sure the meats visible part is a glowing red, and the package is in good shape. Only buy beef that is bright red, you can tell the difference when browning goes to the outside of the meat. A range of color changes is fine, and a freshly ground beef remains completely healthy and safe to eat for 1 -2 days after you buy it.

Quality begins to decline at its sell-by date, so you will want to try and use your Ground Beef ASAP. Start is why, raw beef should not be left for long time outside of refrigerator, and quality starts to decrease from Sell By Date, so you should use as soon as possible.

Fresh beef will last for 1 -2 days after the sell-by date, but there are other factors to take into consideration. If the best-buy date to refrigerate has not passed, you may still want to opt to freeze the beef.

It is possible to eat the entire beef up to 3-5 days after your best-buy date, though it is not recommended. Beef is generally safe to consume past itsuse-by date, however, consuming meat more than 30 days past its best-by date is not recommended. If an individual has not properly or safely stored the meat, eating past the best by date is not recommended.

You may eat meat or chicken past the best before date, as long as your eyes and nose are telling you that the food is safe. Regardless of a meats expiration date, the sold-by date on steaks, or the way meat or poultry looks or smells, if you know that the raw meat has not been kept at an appropriate temperature, do yourself a favor and throw it out. For instance, rather than following the sell-by date on your steaks religiously, you could instead test to see whether the meat has developed any odors, flavors, or off-putting textures.

Ground meats and poultry (1-2 days after expiration), beef (3-5 days after expiration) and eggs are examples of frequently used items (3-5 weeks after expiration). Food is usually safe to consume after that date, but it may have degraded in taste, texture, or appearance. Legally, foods that are labeled as having an Eat By date cannot be sold past that date, and must not be used past midnight on the date, even if they appear to taste and smell good.

For sale-by dates that have passed in your home, you may continue to keep food for a shorter period, depending on what it is. However, many foods (open in new window), including meats and milk, can be frozen past their sell-by dates, so plan ahead. If you have already opened the original package, you can transfer the ground meat into a freezer-safe bag and mark the date.

Few procedures must be followed for keeping the ground beef in your freezer, such as, on top of its original package, it must be wrapped with heavy-duty plastic wrap, freezer paper, or foil, or can be placed into freezer-safe plastic bags, so as not to cause freezer burn. Make sure that beef is still in a sealed, airtight container purchased at the store and put as far from the door as possible.

It is strongly recommended that you do not taste your beef when checking for this, as just one bite of expired beef can trigger food poisoning such as vomiting, fever, and can even kill. Consuming spoiled or undercooked beef may cause individuals to get sick, therefore, individuals must attempt to safely store, handle, and cook the beef in order to avoid getting ill. If you are eating beef that is past its use-by date, you may put yourself at risk for getting sick with germs that quickly grow once meat goes bad.

Is ground beef good 4 days after the sell-by date?

According to the way you handled it, ground beef can be utilized 1 to 3 days after the sell-by date. You should attempt to utilize the meat as quickly as you can since quality starts to deteriorate on the sell-by date. Foods with mold, an unpleasant smell, or a slippery appearance are symptoms of deterioration and should not be used.

Can you eat beef 7 days after sell by date?

Ground beef should not be eaten after the expiration date unless it has been frozen. It can then last for up to 4 months ( 8 ). Read the product label carefully before buying ground beef. The sell-by and expiration dates indicate when ground beef is best consumed.

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