How Do Restaurants Cook Steaks

How Do Restaurants Cook Steaks

Restaurants cook steaks either by pan searing on a hot skillet or grilling over high heat. The thin steaks are usually pan seared whereas thick steaks are grilled. Another method is to broil the steak which is cooking the steak under high heat from an overhead element.

Almost all restaurants employ similar methods for cooking their steaks, for example, the standard sear/broil, the reverse sear, or the barbecue-like device called the griddle. The basic process requires using pieces of metal heated to an unbelievable degree.

You can either cook it all on a range, or you can sear your steaks on an oven-safe skillet over a high flame for about 30 seconds per side, then move it into the oven to finish cooking. The trick is getting that perfect steak bark on the stovetop, and then finishing in the oven. For that perfect medium-rare, allow the steak to develop some deep searing on one side, flip it over, allow a bit of color to develop on the other side, then take it off the burner. Close the oven door, leave it a couple minutes on one side, flip the steak, and cook it another two minutes for a medium-rare.

You can then flip the steak over and sprinkle with the butter, before placing the skillet with cast-iron on a warm, preheated oven for another five minutes or so. The initial procedure is to heat up the pan to as high a temperature as possible, before dropping in the steaks for two minutes.

The cast-iron skillet allows meat to experience the intense heat of the skillet, which allows it to cook hot enough and quickly to ensure that your steak is perfectly cooked. For great results when grilling a steak, you will want to have a good cast-iron skillet that is heated through before the steak is placed in. Infrared heat-sinks can impart plenty of heat onto the steak, but it is only when it comes in contact with this intense heat that the steaks are cooked hot enough, fast enough, that they are perfectly cooked. You can still render steaks to a tenderness using infrared burners, since they do radiate a lot of heat into a steak.

Learn to make restaurant-style steaks

However, many restaurants are using infrared ovens above the head which generate amazing temperatures for cooking a steak. Many respected steakhouses use overhead, infrared broilers that produce incredible temperatures to prepare their steaks. Most steakhouses employ high-powered infrared broilers, which can achieve more than twice the heat of your home oven, rapidly cooking large batches of steak.

Many restaurants, however, prepare steaks using infrared broilers, which can achieve extremely high temperatures. Steakhouses have perfected steak-cooking techniques, as well as taking advantage of high-end equipment, like coal-fired ovens. While some steakhouses do utilize a grill, they may still employ unique techniques that a normal person would not recognize.

Even though fewer grills are available, some restaurants may still continue to cook their steaks in the same manner as everybody else. You and I know, too, that some restaurants are using indirect grills for their steaks, although they might still be grilling them just like you and I did before. As for how we handle our steaks at New York Steakhouse, we let them get up to room temperature, then cook it over the hot grill with the proper amount of seasoning.

Cooking times will vary depending on how thick you cut your steak, and the temperature that you would like to have them cooked to. Roasting will take anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on the steaks thickness and the doneness you prefer. Once removed from the fridge, it will take around 20 minutes for a proper steak to come to room temperature.

Roasting of steaksFor 5- 10 minutes
Roasting of frozen steaksFor 20 minutes
Cooking time of steaks.

Cook the steaks for about 5 minutes, or until they have developed great basic color, then transfer the steaks to the cooler, or off-side, part of the grill. With a paper towel, pat the steak dry, then season both sides with large amounts of kosher salt, turning over once or twice. Then, pat the steak on the right dry with a piece of baking paper, rub a bit of olive oil on it, and top it off with some sea salt and fresh pepper.

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For all steaks, whether they are rare or tough, use salt or dry rubs to flavor your steaks before cooking, and top your steaks with pan-seared gravy for really big flavors. Place steaks on the charcoals or on a hot plate, turning them every 45 seconds, until cooked.

As the name suggests, these steaks are best cooked in a big, hot skillet, for about one minute per side, or slightly less if you like yours rare. Add steaks to a nice cast iron skillet and allow the steaks to sear, turning or rotating them every minute or so to make sure they have a nice uniform outer crust. Remove a well-seasoned cast-iron pan from the heat, put a pat of butter over the top of each steak, then move the skillet into the oven.

The white fat running through the meat will keep the steak moist during the cooking process, and the boneless meat will cook up much more evenly on a rangetop. Adding butter to the steaks adds a lot of richness to the dish, as well as softening the exterior of the barbecue, making the meat more tender.

There is a general belief that bone-in steaks have better flavour, the bones providing flavour and tenderness throughout the cooking process. Most steakhouses also dry-age their beef, thus giving it a big, beefy taste, more than steaks cooked at home. The tactics used by steakhouses to make sure that their steaks are juicy and delicious varies, but many steakhouses are not shy about using lots of butter to get that result.

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Steakhouses specializing in steaks slice their steaks into varying thicknesses that will accommodate varying cooking temperatures. A professional cook told Taste of Home that customers could be shocked by the amount of salt we use in seasoned steak. The overall cooking time depends on the cuts of meat and on your personal preferences, but the easiest way to tell the finishedness of steak is using a probe thermometer. Remember to check your steaks for browned spots, as well as some other occasional spots, using the meat thermometer.

The thicker the steak, the lower heat setting you need, as a thicker steak takes longer to cook. Thicker steaks will cook more quickly to medium-rare compared to thinner steaks, so opt for a medium-rare cut of steak.

How do restaurants make steaks so tender?

Tenderizing is facilitated by cutting across the grain or muscle fibers. It may take much more than just cutting against the grain to prepare skirt or flank steaks for grilling and adding flavor to your beef cut by breaking down stubborn proteins with acidic elements like vinegar or lemon juice.

How long does it take to cook steak in a restaurant?

Depending on your choice, you should cook a 2-cm thick steak for 1 minute on each side for blue; 1 1/2 minutes for rare; 2 minutes for medium-rare; 2 1/4 minutes for medium; and 4-5 minutes for well-done. For about 10 minutes, let it lie on a board or heated plate.

Why do restaurant steaks taste better?

The excellent taste and improved flavour that are frequently found in the fat pieces of meat are intentionally taken away from the steak by this method. Extra salt is added to the steak when it is grilled at steakhouses because it is essential to sealing in the fluids and making for delectable food.

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