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Hand Ground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

Hand Ground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

Hand Ground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder

 The hand ground precision manual coffee grinder is perfect for those who want to enjoy the freshest and most flavorful cup of java possible. It is the first portable manual coffee grinder with a side mounted handle which allows a more natural motion and the ability to place your opposite hand.

Best overall hand-cranked, hand-cranked, and hand-cranked coffee mills Ceramic burr-milling coffee grinders Showcase the sleek design in your kitchen and appreciate the accuracy of your coffee grinding. With 15 different grinding settings and durable, vibration-resistant, alumina ceramic burrs measuring 40mm, the HandGround manual coffee grinder delivers accurate, consistent results. Unlike many competing hand grinders on the market, the Steady does not jiggle when you twist the handles.

This grinder takes out all of the stops, which makes it possible to get ridiculously consistent grinding from your hand grinder. Just because Handground does not have amazing coarse settings does not mean that this is not a great grinder.

The Handground is better than most hand-cranked grinders, but does not quite measure up to the standards of the burr-powered grinders. The Precision Coffee Grinder from Handground has some features that may help make it stand out from cheaper manual grinders, it cannot quite match the grinding consistency of most steel burr grinders. The HandGround precision manual coffee grinder is excellent because of the smoothness, consistency, high-quality materials, and styling…it is just losing points because of a recent burr problem.

Watch to learn how to use hand-ground precision manual coffee grinder

A coffee grinder has lots of small areas where the coffee grounds can accumulate, no matter how good the quality is. The Precision Manual Coffee Grinder is exceptionally good at cleaning. While the perfect manual coffee grinder is going to vary between individuals, tons of people have found that it is a better fit for their brewing methods compared to an automatic grinder. Many manual grinders are usually lightweight and portable, so you can brew your coffee anywhere you want for your caffeine fix.

If you take your grinder on the commute, you can prepare coffee beans effectively and not waste any time grinding your own for coffee consumption. If you have to mill coffee for everyone, you can do so all at once, rather than having to batch-grind beans. Having the handles to grind beans on the sides rather than on the top makes grinding much easier.

Made from quality materialsPoor engineering
Grinds fairlyThere grinding consistency is bad
Grinds quicklyIt can’t grind large number of beans
Pros and Cons of Hand Ground Precision Manual Coffee Grinder.

If you are someone who wants to make a large amount of coffee, you will be wise to look for a hand-cranked grinder that holds a few grams of beans. If you need a manual grinder to grind for an espresso-like setting, you are better off going with a grinder that has multiple grinding-size options, such as the Lido 3. You should know that most hand grinders do not have a fine-enough grinding setting for Turkish coffee, so if Turkish coffee is something you are looking for, you might have to check out some dedicated grinders.

If you would rather use an electric grinder, but you would like a model that has many settings to choose from when it comes to the size of your beans, then Oxo burr grinders might be perfect for you. If grinding consistency is your holy grail, and the distribution of particle sizes is paramount, then a burr grinder that is a bit beefier and made of steel is your best option. If you are looking for a grinder that is designed for French pressing, your best option is the one that works best with this finer set of grinding parameters.

The consistency of grinding is comparable to an electric grinder, and you can swap between coarser and finer grinding steps easily by taking off the set of washers. This is another hand-cranked coffee grinder using ceramic-made burrs, resulting in consistent grinding, that is easy to adjust, and that you can adjust to re-use. Oh, by the way, this grinder comes with very simple-to-follow instructions that are not clunky or irritating, so you not only should not have any trouble setting this thing up, it gives tips like grinding a few beans in a coarser setting in order to grease up the burrs, making sure that your first cup of coffee is your most delicious.

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There are, of course, many factors that determine if your cup of coffee is really going to taste good, including freshness of beans, kind of beans, kind of water, and so on, but, I will say, as far as this grinder is concerned, I am pretty happy with the results. Everything from the simple, 15-size adjustment dial for grinding, to the Pakka Wood handles on this grinder are deliberate. Beyond the coffee quality, coffees grain size is the single most effective way to make or break your cup of joe.

This grinder is supposed to challenge the status quo that the hand-cranked grinder is a coffee-industry darling. Almost all the bad characteristics found in hand grinders are rectified by Handgrounds design. For example, instead of placing the handles at the top of the grinder, as is common with hand grinders, HandGrounds handles are located at the sides, making it much more ergonomically sensible, and much easier to grind.

Placing a side-mounted handle on the side allows for more natural movement, as well as being able to rest the opposite hand on the HandGrounds upper arm to stabilize. It turns out pressing on the top of a grinding machine with one hand, and turning a hand-held tool is a lot of hard work. From its large top aperture, which allows up to 100 grams of coffee beans, the Handgrounds unique side-mounted handles, and its tri-axle construction, which makes it easier to turn.

This unique handle, combined with a set of ceramic burrs measuring 40mm, meant the Handground Precision Coffee Grinder had an advantage over the other ceramic options at the time. The most defining element was, obviously, the forward-moving knob, which separated this product from most of the other grinders.

Apparently, Handground has developed their own ceramic burr, which is supposed to be more effective than what we saw on grinders from Porlex and Hario. The company claims this product could achieve espresso-like precision, but I cannot see how this can be done. HandGround has made each of its various parts for its Precision Manual Grinder available to be ordered, so that you can repair the grinder yourself should you run into trouble.

The HandGround Precision Grinder is definitely an interesting companion to grinding, making grinding smooth and effortless, and adding a classy flair to your kitchen or backpack (1). While many hand grinders look like cheap, fragile plastic, this one feels like a sturdy military vehicle that will obliterate anything it comes in its way.

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Best premium coffee grinder ROK The showpiece of your kitchen. Well designed, simple-to-use grinder that is perfect for precise standards and demanding coffee lovers. Best Vintage Hario Manual Coffee Mill Wood Ceramic Grinding Machine Nice classic appearance Vintage-styled to provide a nostalgic view of history as you grind the perfect cup of coffee.

What happens if the coffee grind is too coarse?

In general, coffee can be under-extracted (weak) and less delicious when it is ground too coarsely for brewing. If your coffee is ground too fine, the coffee might be over-extracted and harsh. Even little adjustments in grind size can significantly impact the flavor of your finished brew.

What Setting Should I put my Coffee Grinder On?

To get the best results from a cold-brew machine and a French press, you should grind the grounds coarsely (usually the higher settings) since these machines have a longer steeping process that calls for more extensive grounds. The best foundations for your hot drip coffee are medium in size. 

Is Manual Coffee Grinder Worth It?

This price range of manual coffee grinders has more consistent and durable performance than electric grinders, which are five times as expensive. The next time you want to upgrade your coffee and don’t want to break the bank on a good, reliable grinder machine, you’ll be financially satisfied with a hand grinder.