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Does Rum Go Bad

Does Rum Go Bad

Rum can turn sours or lose its flavor profile, but generally, you should not be concerned that it will turn bad. If you store it right (sealed by the top once the bottle is opened), it should last you many years, and going bad is really not an option. Unopened rum does not go bad, but after opening a bottle, you are best off using within 6 months. As mentioned, unopened rum may last you forever, but you will have to keep it stored properly.

If you take the right steps, you will keep your unopened rum going for years, if not indefinitely. The right conditions apply even to the time when you are storing opened rum, and they will allow it to last a good deal longer. If you do not want to be forced to consume your rum within a six-to-eight-months period, heres a simple trick that you can try in an effort to prolong that time, and thus, rums quality. If kept cool, dry, and dark, an unopened bottle of rum will last almost forever, and will not significantly change color or taste.

For a regular rum drinker, keeping a bottle of rum unopened is no big deal, and it is available to be enjoyed anytime. If you have got a bottle of rum sitting in a cupboard that is been sitting there for several years, you might wonder whether or not it is still safe to drink. When you have some unopened rum, rather than keeping it as a collector piece forever, you might be wondering when is a good time to open it. If you had been holding on to a bottle of rum that was already opened for several years, it would not be going bad (if sealed), but it is possible that you might decide to throw it out due to the quality.

Storage PlacesShelf life
Fridge1 Decade
Freezer6 months
Room Temp2-3 years
Shelf life of rum.

An opened bottle of rum may last you years, and will not go bad, but you might not be happy with the quality. That is right — rum can be stored for years and years and not go bad, unless you are going to keep it in a bottle with no cover. Unopened rum has a stable alcohol content and strong spirit, which means that you can store it for years and it will still be good. The high alcohol usually makes an environment resistant to bacteria, and if a rum is stored in its original glass bottle, either with a clean natural cork or synthetic one, then it should be able to survive quite well.

Once you open your bottle of rum, you are encouraged to drink it immediately or within six months, as it may have lost its aroma, flavor, and quality. Seaspirit Distillery, the rum master, suggests that you consume the rum within six months after opening the bottle. Volatile compounds evaporate naturally, so you will want to drink your rum within six months of opening it.

In a sealed container or bottle, where there is very little evaporation, rum retains both its contents and its drinking quality (6 months). If a bottle/container is sealed and has a relatively low level of evaporation, the content of rum and its drinkability (for up to 6 months) will remain. If you decide to do so, be sure that your smaller bottles or containers can be sealed tight, so that virtually no air is allowed to get into the bottles and rob them of all their tasty-tasting rum flavors.

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If you are opening your rum, be sure to seal it tightly after use, and store properly, using screw tops, and moving the rum gradually into smaller bottles, this will significantly increase your rums shelf life. After opening a bottle, rums shelf life remains unaffected, but slowly deteriorates (depending on how it is stored). As you now know, once the bottle is opened, rum begins to slowly lose flavor (depending on how well stored, how much liquid is in the bottle, etc.). Rather than going bad, rum, just like other spirits, has a tendency to degrade in quality and lose flavor after opening a bottle.

Because alcohol evaporates faster than water, rum (once it is opened) begins to get smoother over time. Every time you open and drink a nice bottle of rum, the alcohol volume and taste decreases a little because of alcohols higher volatile nature when it is kept at room temperature and under pressure. If you are drinking from a bottle that has been opened for over a year, you are almost certain to notice changes in the flavors. It is common that once liquor bottles are opened (mostly vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and tequila), some flavors start to disappear.

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If you would like to test whether or not your rum has changed its taste, you can hold your nose to the bottle and sniff. If you have done both these steps, but are still not sure whether or not your rum is any good, you can try to smell it.

You can be assured your whiskey, brandy, and rum are not going to be altered, and your whiskey is definitely not going to age any longer on a shelf unless you open it. Most spirits will indeed lose flavor intensity and alcohol intensity over time, so a stale bottle of tequila leftover from your 2017 Cinco de Mayo party is probably going to taste different than one you just opened, but this is generally considered to be safe.

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You might notice if the bottle sits unused for a long period that it can get cloudy, but it does not alter its flavor or alcohol content. In a cool, dark place, you can store the rum for nearly forever, but as soon as you open it, it will begin to diminish after approximately three months. To extend your rums shelf life and maintain its quality, store it somewhere that is at room temperature, and keep it as far from light as possible.

Can opened rum go bad?

Rum doesn’t go bad once it’s been opened unless you keep it in an open bottle next to a radiator or direct sunlight. The flavor and quality of rum in an opened bottle will start to change very gradually as it reacts with the oxygen in the air, even if it is tightly resealed.

Does vodka go bad?

unopened, vodka will last for years and years. In fact, most brands of vodka have a “best by” date that is many years in the future. Once opened, vodka will last for about a year. After that, it will start to lose its flavor and quality, so it’s best to finish it off within that time frame.

Does opened bacardi go bad?

The short answer is no, Bacardi does not go bad once it’s been opened. This is because rum is a type of alcohol that does not spoil. So as long as you keep the bottle sealed and stored properly, your Bacardi will be just fine to drink.