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Does Cornmeal Go Bad

Does Cornmeal Go Bad

Does Cornmeal Go Bad

Cornmeal can definitely go bad, however, many people think it doesn’t. It is a type of flour made by grinding corn kernels into a fine powder used in recipes for pancakes and other baked goods. You should always store unopened packs of cornmeal in a cool, dry, dark area and avoid moisture.

Stored correctly, cornmeal really has a good shelf life, but over time, it degrades in quality and may spoil. This means that there is a chance of prolonging cornmeals shelf life, and stored under proper conditions, cornmeal will last for around one year. I am able to extend my cornmeal often by keeping it airtight in an ice-pack, like mentioned earlier. Freezed cornmeal can last for up to two years in the freezer, so if you have a lot of cornmeal, or you do not use it frequently, keeping it frozen is a good way to avoid wasting it.

Even ungerminated cornmeal can last more than one year in the freezer if properly stored, which is impressive considering that this kind of cornmeal lasts just a few months in a pantry. A Bag of Germinated Cornmeal Germinated cornmeal can last for a year in the pantry, if you keep the bag sealed tight and allow for any extra air space to escape between uses, or else your cornmeal may get contaminated. For instance, germinated cornmeal can last up to two years in the fridge, which will double the life of the bag, so long as you keep the interior of the bag dry and tight-sealed, because any water inside the bag can spoil the cornmeal. Germinated cornmeal can last for up to one year before it goes bad, whereas ungerminated cornmeal may be spoiled within 3 months after you open the bag, since the oils in corn can turn rancid quite rapidly.

Ungerminated cornmeal, however, only lasts for a maximum of three months once opened, as the oil in the corn can turn rancid over time and spoil the whole bag, particularly if the bag is left exposed or filled with air for a prolonged period. When stored correctly, cornmeal lasts for at least one year past its best-by date, as shown in the chart below. Whole-wheat cornmeal, however, may only last for 3 months past its best-by date if stored in a freezer. Whole-grain cornmeal should retain its quality for a couple months, perhaps a half-year, provided that you refrigerate or freeze it after you open it.

Find out does cornmeal expire

Store whole-grain cornmeal the same way that you would degerminate, but note that keeping it somewhere sealed and cold is even more important. Yes, to extend cornmeals shelf life further, store it in refrigerated or frozen containers with the lids on, or in heavy-duty freezer bags. If you purchase the cornmeal from a grocery store, then you are advised to put it into sealed containers, or even in mason jars with a sealable lid, at home to maintain its freshness for about 2 to 3 years. As to maximise its shelf life, you should move cornmeal out of its original packing when bringing it home from a local shop.

However, you can maximize your corn flours shelf life by moving it into an enclosed, airtight container, or placing it into a resealable plastic freezer bag. If you store your crushed corn well, it is possible to significantly increase your cornmeal shelf life. Keep in mind that if you have any cornmeal that is close to itsuse-by date, you may also want to prolong its shelf life by freezing it. Also, if you are going to be storing the cornmeal beyond the best-by or best-by dates on the box, you may have to make a few adjustments.

Most cornmeal that is packaged commercially will have a stamped expiration date or best by date on the bag or container. A good rule of thumb is to assume properly stored degermed cornmeal will last until at least the best-by date, and may continue to be viable for up to 12 months beyond this date. The truth is, degermed cornmeal holds up very well, so you can be confident this product will still be fine for use in a few months past that date. Past this date, cornmeal can start to lose its quality or taste, but it is probably still completely safe to consume.

On a positive note, by keeping in mind cause, you may be able to keep cornmeal from going bad fast, but ultimately, it will lose its quality. Cornmeal especially loses flavor and freshness, which can be difficult to detect unless you are cooking with it to test. Degradation means that over time, it loses a bit of the corny taste, and a product that is two years old is not going to taste quite as good as one that is just fresh. For example, the cornmeal will lose some of its natural corn flavor, and also natural oils within the cornmeal which acts as natural preservatives, which will turn rancid and may cause an off-flavor to the cornmeal.

If there is a stronger flavour that is not appealing, chances are that the cornmeal has turned rancid and may cause you illness if eaten. Even if you do see a few different colors in the grains, it does not necessarily mean that the cornmeal has gone bad. As is the case with many pantry staples that are mostly shelf-stable, it is sometimes difficult to know when cornmeal has gone bad, too. In most cases, if the cornmeal has been stored correctly, there probably are not a lot of obvious signs that it is gone bad.

If you decide to keep it in its original package and keep it in a pantry, where you may forget about it for a longer time, it may have different textures or colors. Keep in mind that cornmeal which is still in its original, unopened packaging can last for a very long time if stored in the dry pantry or cupboard. Cornmeal typically will last between 6 and 12 months when stored at room temperature in the original package. Stored correctly, stone ground cornmeal will retain its good quality for approximately 6 months, but it will be safe past this point.

Your cornmeal does not last as long as it does if degermed, and by the time it is past its best, it is obviously rancid, smelling and tasting harsh and acrid. Unless there is water in the bag, or some sort of worm, in which case you would have to throw it away, you have to make the decision whether you are going to use the cornmeal or throw it away depending on how it is. If you open a cornmeal bag and find movement or small, foreign things such as a rat feces, you need to toss it into the garbage. With cornmeal, since it is fairly shelf-stable, the best-by is more a recommendation or a guideline than anything.

How long can dry and frozen cornmeal last?

Dry cornmeal can be consumed for up to a year. On the other hand, frozen cornmeal can maintain its quality for a few more years. It can maintain its freshness for about 3 months in the fridge. But it is highly recommended to use it as early as possible within a year if it is stored in a pantry.

Does cornmeal have little black specks in it?

The pericarp (corn’s skin), which is where the tip of the kernel joins to the cob, contains naturally dark portions that are the cause of the black spots. Depending on the crop and year, the specks’ color will change. They are the same as those frequently found in natural whole corn products, cornmeal, firm taco shells, and corn or tortilla chips.

How long will vacuum-packed cornmeal last?

In a cold, dry environment, bolted cornmeal keeps for six to twelve months. The best ways to store food for an extended period of time are freezing it in vacuum-sealed bags, which keeps it fresh forever, or putting it in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to keep it fresh for five to ten years.