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Can You Use Honey And Ebates Together

Can You Use Honey And Ebates Together

Can You Use Honey And Ebates Together

Unfortunately, honey and ebates can’t be layered on top of each other. With this type of system, a store does compensate a cashback site with a commission for sending people to that site. They both will offer the same results and cannot give the cash back
at the same time.

Honey has a loyalty program which rewards customers with GoldHoney points for using services. EBate works by matching coupons and offers available from participating retailers with a users online purchases. Ebates is an online cash-back program that allows users to earn cash back on purchases made online. Honeys rewards program, Honey Gold, has a similar setup as cash-back platforms, as you can earn a small percentage off qualifying purchases.

Honey users can enroll in a service called Honey Gold, in which they receive Honeys special cryptocurrency as a reward for using an app or browser extension. With Honey, you can earn Honey Gold, the platforms currency, by shopping online with qualifying partners (the Honey browser extension alerts you when a Honey Gold opportunity arises). The Honey browser extension calls the Cash Back Honey Gold, and like rewards points that you earn with your credit cards, you can convert your gold to gift cards.

Instead of cash, you get rewards-program credits that can be applied toward gift cards to stores you buy at. Similar to the Capital One Rewards Program, you will not have a chance to receive the cashback in the form of cash–instead, you earn a percentage of it in the form of shopping credits, which are redeemed as merchant gift cards. While this may come as a surprise, both Honey and Rakuten do have some form of cash-back rewards that you can earn when you shop online.

Find out which serves you better with money
Online Purchases$126 in annual savings
On TransactionAverage discount rate is 17.9%
Can You Use Honey And Ebates Together.

While there are coupons available from a few retailers on Rakuten that you can take advantage of, cashback is the name of the game on Rakuten. While TopCashback has store offers, you cannot link a card to make store purchases, as you could with Rakuten (formerly Ebate). Other customers have reported that the cashback websites work better if you are using a credit card that also gives you points or cashback on purchases. Many credit card companies have a platform where you can get additional cashback for purchases when you go to a store via their site.

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When used, the retailer compensates the cashback Web site with a commission for taking you to that Web site. Retailers pay the cashback back to the website that was most recently used by the cookie, so whatever site you used most recently to make a purchase is the one that gets the credit.

This also means that in the event you refer someone else, and then they start making purchases through an extension or on the web site, you get $25. This additionally implies that in case you recommend other people and so they begin making purchases via the extension or the web site, you are going to get $25.

Or, you could install the extension, which really tracks all of your browsing on the internet, but Honey alerts you when it comes across a product with a coupon. For instance, if you are browsing through Kohls and you add a product to your shopping cart, the extension will appear to let you know there is a coupon that you can use if you buy via Honey. You can also turn on Honey to check for coupon codes, then turn off Honey if you want to do a shopping through Rakuten, in case you cannot find any coupons.

When Honey finishes searching, it automatically applies any coupons that are found and shows you how much money you saved on your purchases. To prevent wasting money and time on the checkout, Honey plugin will quickly scan through any coupons available and apply those that have the biggest financial savings. There are more than 3,700 online retailers Honey works with to bring you discounted coupons and promotional offers. There are over 3,700 online retailers that Honey works with to bring you coupons and promo offers.

Both companies remove the need for researching and browsing through various websites to find coupon codes. It is quite common to see Rakuten (Ebates) offering increased cashback rates on stores you like, and Honey offers the industrys largest listing of online coupons. To round up a list of useful shopping tips, I recently reached out to our Facebook community to see if smart shoppers preferred Honey over EBates when it comes to using online coupons and earning cashback.

In this Ebates vs Honey Comparison, you will find more about why you should benefit from a cash-back site today. A cashback site gives you cashback on purchases, so you are making money back again while buying something that you were going to buy anyway.

To get additional cashback (and I say extra because I am going to assume that you are already using a cash-back rewards credit card), you just go through the cashback services website–let us say, Rakuten Rakuten–and then go through to Nike through that website. Then, you just use one of your linked cards at one of these places to get that extra cash back — and I say extra because it works even if the card itself is already giving you cash back. The real trick for getting massive savings is using a better cash-back app for shopping in conjunction, when possible.

Most will not allow you to use competing apps simultaneously, so although you could toggle tools like Honey and Rakuten to see which gives you a better deal, you would need to turn one off in order to finish your purchase. Since the money-saving browser extensions may clash when shopping, the way I use Honey or Rakuten depends on what I am doing. Really, the key is downloading both the Honey and Rakuten browser extensions, but knowing when and where to use each one (again, having both extensions enabled at once may stop you earning rewards).

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Alright, so first issue to address with the Rakuten vs. Honey debate is accessibility…after all, if you cannot even get onto a platform or find partners that you shop with on a regular basis, then there is no way to save any extra cash. Some sites partner with Honey through its Honey Gold Program, in which you earn rewards points every day via an extension. Not only can you save with coupons, you can earn cashback on certain sites participating in the Gold program.

Honey earns commissions from Honey partners whenever a user redeems a discount code or coupon via the app. Honey says that users on Honey get $126 in annual savings from their users purchases online, and that their average discount rate is 17.9% on each transaction.

Can you make money with Ebates?

On eligible purchases made through and Ebates in-store cashback programs, you can receive 3% cash back with the Ebates cash back Visa card. There is no yearly fee, 1% cash back on all other purchases, and a $10 first-purchase bonus.

What are the restrictions with Ebates?

When using ebates, there are some restrictions. Apple, for example, doesn’t have an Ebates affiliation, so you can’t get cash back when you shop there. Getting cashback may be subject to conditions at other retailers, such as shopping in specific departments. Ensure you read the fine print details before making a purchase.

What is Ebates called now?

The company has changed its name from Ebates to Rakuten. Their purchase of Ebates in 2014 was made by a Japanese company. The majority of things carried on as they did before. They made a few changes but for the most part, they remained the same. As of 2018, Ebates’ website had been switched to Ratuken.