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Can you Scramble an Egg by Shaking it? (Know It All)

Can you Scramble an Egg by Shaking it? (Know It All)

Have you ever questioned whether you could scramble an egg by vigorously shaking it? You can!
Everyone knows how to prepare eggs because they are such a basic dish. Nevertheless, using eggs as a fun science lesson for children is another option. In fact, for many years, scientists have used eggs to test their hypotheses.

Whether or not you can scramble an egg by shaking it is a matter of significant contention. While some claim it doesn’t work, others are adamant that it does. Older eggs are considered more resilient and less prone to crack, making them ideal for the process.

Here are three strategies for avoiding egg cracking when scrambling it.
Here are three strategies for avoiding egg cracking when scrambling it.


This method involves cracking an egg into a bowl and adding water to scramble it. Pour the mixture into a container with a tight-fitting lid after thoroughly combining it. For around 30 seconds, give the container a good shake. Check to see if the egg is scrambled by lifting the cover. If not, keep shaking for another 30 or more seconds.

Some people discover that using a fork or whisk to scramble eggs doesn’t always yield the best results. Others believe that employing this technique makes it more difficult to achieve proper consistency.

How Can Scrambled Eggs Be Reheated?

Eggs can be quickly scrambled using a fork or whisk. Combine eggs, salt, pepper, and milk or cream to make scrambled eggs. If desired, include butter.

Stir fry pan over medium heat. When the eggs start to set, pour them into the pan and stir them regularly. When scrambled eggs are no longer runny but yet wet, they are finished. Serve right away.

Can I scramble an egg by shaking it?

The answer to this frequently posed query is valid. To combine the egg and its contents, all you need to do is gently shake the egg.

Scrambled eggs will be the eventual product.

What Takes Place When You Shake An Egg?

Even after being shaken for a while, an egg’s shell will not crack.

The egg’s interior will begin to foam, and the egg white will become opaque.

When you shake an egg, does the yolk break?

The egg’s white and yolk are two distinct components. Contrary to popular belief, the yolk does not break when you shake an egg.

The egg white and the yolk are held together by a thick protein layer called the chalaza. To break the chalaza, you would need to apply enough force to cause it to tear.

 Scrambling inside the shell won't function well because speed is essential for cracking an egg.
Scrambling inside the shell won’t function well because speed is essential for cracking an egg.

Is It Possible To Scramble An Egg Without It Cracking?

While there are other options, using a whisk is the most common. Whisk continuously as you slowly add the hot water after beating the egg until it is smooth. This approach will stop the egg from cracking.

If you decide to cook the eggs in a frying pan instead, do it gradually over low heat so they don’t get heated and quickly scramble.

Why Shaking an Egg to Make It Scrambled Is Difficult?

Egg yolks keep their shape till broken, as you’ve surely noticed. When using eggs in a recipe, the membranes that hold the egg white to the yolk can still be seen. Those membranes are present if you don’t beat an egg quickly enough.

Because of this, if you don’t mix French toast thoroughly enough, it may start to resemble a fried egg. Scrambling inside the shell won’t function well because speed is essential for cracking an egg. Some web recipes describe how to make a hard-boiled, scrambled egg in the shell, sometimes known as a “golden egg,” which some people adore.

According to these instructions, you should forcefully shake an egg five times, then allow it to sit for five minutes each time. But it’ll take at least 25 minutes (even more if you want to scramble multiple eggs). Whether with cheese or without, fluffy scrambled eggs made the old-fashioned way is quicker and create the best breakfast food.

Nutrition Facts
Choline: 147mg
Calories: 78
Fat: 5g
Sodium: 62mg
Carbohydrates: 0.6g
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Nutrition Facts

Making an Egg in the Shell Scrambled

Companies have developed gadgets that shake or puncture an egg with a needle-like point to break it while it’s still inside its shell. These gadgets function in different ways. Not both, but either hard boiling or scrambling eggs is considerably simpler.

  • Another choice is to lay the egg inside a fabric cut from a stocking, sleeve, or bread bag. If careful not to let the egg fall out, you may even cover it in a tea towel.
  • Twist the fabric while holding either end to make it tighter. To make the egg spin, let the material relax. At least 20 times should be spent doing this.

A Scrambled Egg: Pan or Bowl? Hand or a mixer?

Some people favor breaking their eggs into a bowl before whisking them. This method allows you to quickly season your eggs and add other ingredients that you want to add to your scramble.

Can You Scramble An Egg Inside Its Shell?

Can You Scramble An Egg Inside Its Shell?
Can You Scramble An Egg Inside Its Shell?

Eggs inside their shells can be scrambled in a variety of ways. Others use a knife or an electric mixer, while some use a whisk. To ensure that the whites and yolks are both fluffy, it’s important to rapidly and evenly combine the eggs. Before serving, some cooks like to season their scrambled eggs with salt or pepper.

How Can An Egg Yolk Be Broken Without Breaking The Shell?

There are several approaches to take, each with advantages and disadvantages. One method is to use a teaspoon, which might be challenging if the egg is vast.

Using a fork or spoon is another alternative, although they can be equally challenging to control. Try using one of these tools.

If you’re looking for a quick fix: Use your fingers, an ice cream scoop, or even a chopstick! Make sure not to break the yolk using whichever method you choose.

Can You Shake An Egg To See If It’s Good?

You can, indeed! You’ll need to shake it quite vigorously, though. This can be accomplished by placing the egg in a glass measuring cup or other container and nearly filling it with cold water. The water should next be vigorously stirred around the cup’s base using a sturdy spoon.

You can learn a lot about an egg’s quality by shaking it. When shaken, a fresh egg won’t jiggle but will feel slightly solid. Older eggs will have a texture more akin to custard and will shake more violently.

The whirlpool effect that results from doing this will aid in breaking the yolk’s shell. When the yolk separates, take the cup out of the sink and gently tap one side against the edge of the sink to let the water drain. Continue doing this until the required consistency is attained.

Here’s a video to help you identify fresh eggs:

How to tell an egg is fresh – Delia’s How to Cook – BBC Food

The Best Way To Make Scrambled Eggs

Even while scrambled eggs are simple, perfecting them may be challenging.

Here’s how to consistently create flawless scrambled eggs:

  • Place a nonstick skillet over medium heat and add one tablespoon of butter or olive oil.
  • Add two tablespoons of finely chopped onions, and cook until soft.
  • Stir in 1/2 cup of milk thoroughly.
  • Lightly beat four cracked eggs in a bowl.
  • After adding the beaten eggs, let them remain in the skillet for about 30 seconds.

Final Thoughts

  • Because they are simple to make, scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple.
  • Even though it would make breakfast a breeze, you cannot shake a whole egg to scramble the egg in its shell before you even crack it open.
  • Chalaza membranes, which hold the whites to the yolk, make it challenging to run eggs by shaking them unless you shake them vigorously and repeatedly. It may not work and is sluggish.
  • Egg membranes can be best broken up by vigorously whisking the egg white and yolk together. It is even simpler with electric mixers.

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