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Can You Put Rum In The Freezer

Can You Put Rum In The Freezer

Well, other than you wanting the rum cold, there is not really any reason why you would keep the rum in a freezer. When you place your rum in the freezer, it does not freeze readily, so placing it in a freezer will do it no harm. You do not have to worry about placing rum in the freezer, because it would not affect the quality of your rum.

If you have your home freezer set at 0 degrees, placing your rum in the freezer will only chill the rum, and will not freeze it. If you want to freeze your rum, then you need to take your temperature down to -15 degrees F. You should aim to serve your rum between 55-62 degrees Fahrenheit if you are looking to optimize your drinks flavor. If you want to chill a standard bottle of rum, you will have to lower the temperature on average to -15 degrees F, equaling -25 degrees C.

Pure rum should not freeze until it drops below minus 27C (17F), so in your average freezer, that is about as far as you can go. Because rum does not freeze at normal freezer temperatures, the freezer does little other than chill rum. Because the rum does not freeze, there is no risk that your bottles will break because of expansion of the liquid when frozen. Malibu rum may freeze, that is fine, but not to the extent of the bottle potentially freezing over and breaking due to the pressure.

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Sugar helps prevent the crystals in the bottle from freezing, and the alcohol keeps Bacardi rum from freezing solid. To keep Bacardi Rum in your freezer, you will want to put your rum into bottles or whatever other containers will hold up under the cold temperatures. Once you pour Bacardi Rum into a bottle or container, put the bottle into the freezer.

If you opened the Rum and you would like to keep the Rum, you can put it in a freezer, then take it out whenever you would like to drink. Some people simply recommend that if you are looking to store a rum for a long time, and have not opened it yet, you are better off not putting it in the freezer.

TemperaturesShelf Life
55 DegF6 months
58 DegF8 months
62 DegF1 year
Shelf life of rum at different temperatures.

If you had stored a rum bottle already opened for several years, it will not get worse (if sealed), but it is possible that you might decide to throw it out due to the quality. If you would stored your Rum correctly (sealed by the top once the bottle was opened), it will last many years fine, and going bad is really not an option. Your rum is more than likely to remain fine for 6+ months as long as stored correctly, in a bottle that is sealed tight.

The best way to store your rum is with a tight-sealed bottle, in a cool, dry place, away from heat vents and direct sunlight, regardless of if it is opened or not. For products in active use, you are at a low risk for your rum going bad, but if you opened the bottle and it is going to be sitting around for some time, there are some options that will help keep it going. If you are keeping it on shelves and your Rum comes in a case, then the best thing is to store your bottle inside of that, since that provides an additional layer of protection from light. If your Rum Bottle has a higher alcohol content of 15% or more, then you will not have to keep it refrigerated in order to maintain its quality.

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Any drinking rum, etc., that has a higher than 35% alcohol content, you may want to keep in the freezer, and any drinking rum, etc., does not get frozen due to its alcohol content. Almost any product with an alcohol content of over 35% can be stored in the freezer because the alcohol content will prevent freezing. Alcohol needs to be kept away from other items in the freezer because it could freeze to ice crystals and harm surrounding items.

Spirits such as rum, whiskey, gin, vodka, etc., do not need refrigeration, as their higher alcohol content keeps spirits such as rum intact. The general rule for common distilled spirits such as whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, and tequila is to store common distilled spirits such as whiskey at room temperature. Hard liquors such as vodka, rum, tequila, and whiskey, and most liqueurs like Campari, St. Germain, Cointreau, and Pimms, and bitters, can all be stored at room temperature. Bacardi Rum is not recommended for storage in a refrigerator, because Bacardi Rum will lose its taste if kept in a cooler for an extended time.

Rum can be stored in a freezer for years as it is a stable spirit that does not suffer from its quality if left untouched. If you decide to reduce your home freezers temperature, and really do want to freeze your rum, it will be good for years before getting worse. Yes, the rum will freeze in your standard home freezer, or turn as lumpy as if it were closer to that temperature.

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When a deep freezer gets below the freezing point for 40% proof rum, that is likely to be about -40C, and the humidity and air getting into the bottle as you open it, pushing it right past freezing point.

Rum will keep both the contents and the drinking quality up to 6 months in the freezer at temperatures over – 27 C, provided that the bottle/container is sealed and relatively free from evaporation. If you are only going to consume your rum for a few days, weeks, or even months, then you may want to simply leave the rum sitting in your fridge. In other words, if you are planning to drink this rum straight, please do not put it in the freezer, otherwise, it will not be in its best form when you taste it. That is right: rum can last years and years in storage without going bad, unless you are going to keep it in a bottle with no top.

How long does rum last in freezer?

Rum has an endless shelf life. That implies that your bottle of Captain Morgan or Bacardi is safe while it is stored in that cabinet. The rum should still taste just as wonderful twenty years from now if it is sealed and remains unopened.

Can you store bacardi rum in the freezer?

Bacardi rum is made in Puerto Rico and is one of the most popular types of rum. You can store bacardi rum in the freezer if you would like to. This will not affect the quality of the rum. However, you may want to avoid freezing rum if you are planning to drink it straight, as the freezing process may alter the flavor of the rum.

Does rum expire after opening?

Technically, rum doesn’t expire after you open the bottle. However, the quality of the rum will begin to decline after it is opened. This is because rum is a type of liquor that is made from sugarcane. and as such, it is prone to oxidation. This means that over time, the rum will start to become less flavorful and blander.