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Can You Grate Cinnamon Sticks

Can You Grate Cinnamon Sticks

Can You Grate Cinnamon Sticks

You can grate cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon sticks are made of cinnamon bark, which is very tough. However, if you have a good grater, you can definitely grate cinnamon sticks to a fine powder. The resulting cinnamon powder can be used to add flavor and aroma to food.

Depending on your size of grates, a box of grates will grate cinnamon sticks down to a medium-fine consistency, which is perfect for spices. Because Microplane is used to sprinkle, the grain size of shredded cinnamon is going to be super tiny. The same amount of the sticks and grated cinnamon certainly cannot produce the same results when you are topping with spices.

There are a few high-quality box-graters available which may grind your cinnamon spices up to your desired levels. If you want a powdered cinnamon, then the spice mill might want to be your best option, however, if smoothness of cinnamon sticks is not a concern, then use a fine-bladed box grater to grind it. Most people use cheese graters, or spice grinders, for grinding cinnamon spice sticks, and it is usually not a difficult task.

Benefits Drawbacks
Could protect against heart diseaseMay Cause Liver Damage
Could improve sensitivity to insulinMay Increase the Risk of Cancer.
Helps lower blood sugar levelsMay Cause Low Blood Sugar
May have beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseasesMay Cause Breathing Problems
Benefits and Drawbacks of Cinnamon Sticks

Whole cinnamon sticks seem not to be used in as many kitchens as ground cinnamon as many people cannot bother to grate fresh sticks if they just want some spices. Once you start using fresh, homemade ground cinnamon, you might not want to return to buying store-bought cinnamon powder. Whenever you are in need of cinnamon powder, always remember you can always grind up the sticks and enhance your recipes.

Learn how to grind cinnamon

Remove cinnamon powder from your grinder by dumping it into a small bowl, and insert your next batch of sticks to be ground. Give this an additional 30 seconds in the high-speed blender, and you can pour through a strainer to remove any remaining cinnamon powder. At this point, you can take the cinnamon powder out of your grinder and dump it into a smaller container, preferably a smaller bowl, but the smaller container can be any container big enough to fit the quantity of ground cinnamon.

Simply pull off the outside bark of your stick and put it in a container that you want the cinnamon added in. To grind the cinnamon sticks, simply put the cinnamon sticks in a clean coffee mill, grind them down to a fine powder. To grate cinnamon, place the sticks between two pieces of parchment paper and swish them back and forth until you reach your desired thickness.

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Grinding the stick releases a scent of cinnamon into the air, creating anticipation and an aromatic note. The stick is grated using a fine-mesh spice grating attachment, then sprinkled in a steamer as rice is cooking. Split a stick into pieces and place on top of the grounds in the coffee, or in your tea infuser, before starting to make the tea.

If you find the supplied cinnamon sticks are too long, use your hands to chop them down into smaller sizes, so the top of the coffee mill can wrap around the stick, to prevent any spills or obstructions. Using the blender allows us to place the cinnamon sticks in as is, instead of breaking them down into smaller pieces as we would need to with the spice/coffee cutter with a blade.

The really nice part is I was able to throw out the nutmeg grinder, instead using my cinnamon grinder to grind nutmeg as well. Honestly, the grinder is so simple to use, that I am amazed fresh ground cinnamon is not more popular than it is.

I will admit, prior to trying out their fresh-harvested cinnamon, I had mainly seen cinnamon as one of a number of spices that you could add to things (I would use it to flavour things on their own a very rare occasion). Unsurprisingly, when you treat cinnamon in this way, buying fresh-harvested cinnamon, you will find that you will also find yourself enjoying it all by itself. It is even found its way into my holy morning cup of coffee (coconut cream with fresh grated cinnamon — SO GOOD!). When using a dedicated cinnamon grater, and fresh grated cinnamon, you will be amazed how much more flavourful it is.

Simply add shredded cinnamon into your steamer and you can taste the sweetness and warmth of cinnamon in your steaming rice. Some people prefer the coarse, grated texture of grated cinnamon, whereas others prefer using powdered or ground cinnamon.

Ground cinnamon comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, and is used for flavoring baked goods, meat dishes, and sauces. Cinnamon sticks are tasty when used in baked goods, but can also be added to coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and even cocktails. Hot drinks are a simple way to incorporate whole cinnamon sticks into your everyday routine, whether you use them to spice up your coffee, tea, chai lattes, cocoa, cider, wine, or a warm toddy. Cinnamon sticks can be ground up in your food processor, blender, spice mill, or mortar and pestle, and this can have an immediate impact.

You can use a Mortar and Pestle, Microplane Grate, or Peppermill as alternatives for grinding spices if you do not have a spice grinder available at the time. You can use a Coffee Grinder, but do not simply use any coffee mill that you find.

If you find nothing stating the coffee grinder will crush, or you can use it for grinding spices, then do not use this machine for grinding cinnamon. The truth is, you can grind cinnamon sticks as finely with a small instrument like a hammer, but that may be just as uneven as using the spice grinder. Using a fine-grained cheese grater like the Microplane is fine for garlic, ginger, and a lot of spices, but we found it did not make a grind that was quite fine for our purposes.

We tried three different methods for grinding cinnamon sticks (mixer, bladed blender, and fine grater) so that we can report on the results for each option, so that you can decide what is best for you. Remember, these methods will work regardless if you are grinding Vietnamese cinnamon, Saigon cinnamon, or Ceylon cinnamon.

You can also grind cinnamon by using native means, like crushing sticks with a hammer, bottles, and other simple tools that are not mentioned. A food processor, mortar and pestle, cheese grater, spice mill, blender, or even simple tools like a hammer, bottles, and more can all be used to crush your cinnamon sticks. Even if you were grinding up Ceylon cinnamon, which boasts of having a softer bark, you will still have trouble with the grater. Grinding cinnamon, though, is not time-consuming; a box grater cuts up the quills into manageable pieces, which are then ground even more with a spice mill or superfine flat-bladed grater.

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Can you grate cinnamon sticks for ground cinnamon?

Use a meat tenderizer to pound the cinnamon sticks into a powder after placing them in a bag and sealing it. Using a mortar and pestle, Place the broken cinnamon stick in the mortar after cutting it in half. The cinnamon should next be crushed and ground into powder using the grinder.

What is the difference between cinnamon and cinnamon sticks?

The strongly fragrant cinnamon powder should have a taste that is both sweet and spicy. Use freshly ground cinnamon for the finest effects. The dehydrated pieces of bark from the cinnamon plant are known as cinnamon sticks or quills. These are frequently included in mixtures like apple juice, mulled wine, and herbal chai.

How can you tell if a cinnamon stick is bad?

Although cinnamon sticks have no expiration date, incorrect storage might cause them to spoil. If you notice any closet insects in the bag, any mold that can be seen, if they stink bad, or if anything else seems odd, throw it away. They ought to be safe to use.