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Can You Freeze Sweet Potato Pie Filling

Can You Freeze Sweet Potato Pie Filling

Can You Freeze Sweet Potato Pie Filling?

You can freeze sweet potato pie filling for up to 3 to 4 months if stored properly in the freezer-safe container. Before baking, thaw it overnight in the refrigerator. Regardless, the texture and quality of the filing might alter a bit and become icy due to freezing.

Dust your metal baking dish with a little flour to absorb any extra liquid that comes out of your sweet potato pie filling as it melts in baking. It is important to keep in mind that this recipe for Sweet Potato Pie needs to be frozen prior to baking, as freezing it after baking will result in a meal with an unappetizing texture. To freeze a sweet potato pie, bake it in an aluminum pie dish (aluminum is thinner than the ceramic alternatives, so this will help the pie to freeze more quickly and keep the ice crystals from developing).

If you would like to bake sweet potato pie from frozen instead of first defrosting, you can follow the same process, but cook it for approximately 35 minutes before taking off the aluminum foil, and then bake for an additional ten minutes. After a couple hours, when your frozen pie has turned into a firm, frozen disk, you will need to tent it over top, with foil hanging off the edges of the foil. Remove the pie from the freezer about 12 to 24 hours before serving, and remove the foil and plastic wrap.

Make sure that plastic wrap touches the top of the pie to prevent any water from getting in the container. To ensure the crust does not get overly brown on the edges, tent your pie shield over it during the last 25 minutes of baking. Freeze pies ahead of baking, or freeze pie filling and crust separately, then combine them and bake when you want them served.

Learn can you freeze leftover sweet potato pie

If you only want to prepare the pie filling ahead of time, and do the crust the day of, you may wonder about storing the filling. If you do have time to bake this pie the day you are planning on serving it, there are a couple things you can still do in advance. Many things, such as pies, are made ahead of large meals such as Thanksgiving, and you may be wondering how you can handle making one in advance when you need to be so careful about storage. It is important to note that not all pies are created equally, and some ingredients or prep work may result in the cake lasting longer in the freezer, or shorter.

Fruit-based pies may be frozen either before or after baking, though freezing unbaked ones is usually easier. It is easiest to first freeze the pie, baked or unbaked, then wrap after freezing it completely. A frozen baked pie can be served without heating; defrost in its wrapper in the fridge.

Once you take the pie out of the fridge, allow the pie to sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes before serving. If you would like to keep the pie longer than two days, you are better off keeping it in the fridge, where it will remain fresh for up to five days. If you are making a pie with stable heavy whipping cream, then you will be fine with keeping the pie in the refrigerator up to 5 days. While both the pumpkin and pecan pies will last a long time and be pretty good, in order to get the most flavor and texture out of a pie, you should use it in the first two or three months after freezing.

When frozen, Both pumpkin and pecan pie will lose a little bit of its integrity; the filling can become somewhat separated, and the crust can become soggy. To freeze these pies, tightly wrap in plastic wrap and foil, or put them into a tight-fitting freezer bag. Once the pie has fully cooled, tightly wrap in several layers of plastic wrap, and then again in foil or place in an airtight freezer container.

Only once your pie filling has frozen, fold heavy-duty foil back on itself and wrap it in, then yank your pie filling out of the metal pie dish. Plastic wrap can be placed on top of foil inside pie pan prior to adding chilled filling, so that filling does not stick to foil. When heating up a pie that has been chilled and refrigerated, or a pie crust that has been baked beforehand, the edges of the foil are covered by aluminum foil. Line the metal skillet you plan on baking your frozen pie later on in the tipped-over pan with double-layered foil.

When you are ready to use the pie, unwrap and place frozen pie filling into an unbaked pie crust, cover, and bake. Bake an unbaked pie crust for 10 minutes, then take it out of the oven to cool while you stir together your pie ingredients. When an unbaked fruit tart is completely frozen, tightly wrap or place it in a plastic freezer bag, then return to the freezer.

To freeze the unbaked pie crusts, stack pie crusts with 2 layers of plastic freezer wrap between and put them all into the freezer bag. Scoop a one-cup portion of the potato mixture into a parchment-lined baking sheet and freeze for at least several hours, up to overnight, until completely frozen.

Simply combine the cooked, pureed sweet potatoes with butter, brown sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla, salt, and the traditional pumpkin pie spices, and then pour your cooked mixture into the prepared pie crust.

While you can freeze your sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie up to three months, just be aware that the texture can be a bit different. While uncooked sweet potatoes do not require refrigeration, eggs and milk do, so you cannot keep the pie or its filling at room temperature very long, or risk damaging the food. If a sweet potato pie has not been eaten, and is still sitting in the fridge after 4 days or so, you can double-wrap in plastic wrap and foil, or put in a freezer-safe container and freeze. You can pour the pie filling into sealed containers or glass jars and store it in the fridge for three or four days.

Do you freeze sweet potato pie before or after baking?

Prepare your pie and halt baking to freeze. Your pie should be thoroughly covered in plastic wrap, roughly three times. Place in a freezer-safe bag after that. You may freeze this pie for up to three months!

Is it safe to freeze sweet potato pie filling?

Fill a jar halfway with pie filling, seal it, and freeze it. Put the filling in the refrigerator overnight before baking your pie. Place the pie mixture into a prepared dough and bake at 176°C for about 60 minutes. Once it is kept in the refrigerator it can be used straight once or preserved in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days.

Can you freeze pie filling with cornstarch?

Pies with cornstarch filling should not be frozen. Cornstarch molecules make it viscous by trapping water when they are cooked; however, the freezing process degrades the starch molecules. When a fruit pie made with cornstarch is frozen and thawed, it might “leak” and begin to release liquid.