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Can You Freeze Edibles

Can You Freeze Edibles

Can You Freeze Edibles

You can freeze edibles, in fact, freezing can be a great way to extend the shelf life of your edibles. Just be sure to wrap them tightly in freezer-safe packaging to prevent freezer burn. When you’re ready to enjoy them, simply thaw the edibles at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

If you have ever had a little too much of something good, and found yourself with leftovers that are not quite edible, you might be wondering whether or not it is possible to freeze them. When freezing edibles, there are a few key steps you need to take in order to make sure that they freeze up correctly and will not spoil. It does not require much effort to keep edibles for the long-term, but they may spoil more quickly if they are home-made or opened. For those reasons, enthusiasts have found that keeping edibles out of direct sunlight and in cooler environments may extend their shelf lives.

For instance, edibles made from fresh fruits or vegetables might not last as long as ones made from dried or processed ingredients. Edibles intended to be consumed fresh (such as baked goods) may not last as long as those that may be stored for longer periods (such as candies or cookies). Shelf-life expectations and general levels of freshness may differ between products, but some edibles, such as candies or chocolates, may last from six months to one year when stored correctly.

While you are not advised to keep baked goods on shelves, your edibles will survive a bit in the freezer, and still be, well, edible. Even though your baked goods survive on your countertops for long periods of time, keeping them in the fridge significantly increases their shelf life. Even for baked goods – they will likely survive a long time on the counter – storing them in the refrigerator will increase your edibles lifespan a fair amount.

Find out can you freeze my Marijuana Edibles

Most sugar-based edibles, such as hard candies and chews, can remain good for long periods in their containers with no additional preservation steps (other than keeping them cool, dry). You can try to keep your gummies in smaller containers if you do not want to pull out your whole container from your freezer every time. Keeping your edibles in plastic containers can help in a lot of scenarios, particularly if you only use your edibles occasionally.

Can You Freeze Edibles
Freeze EdibleExtend The Shelf Life
In Order To FreezeWrap in Freezer Bag Tightly
Thaw At Room Temperature or In The Refrigerator.
Can You Freeze Edibles

When you are storing edibles in your freezer, make sure you put them in a non-transparent container to keep the light away from them. If using glass jars to store edibles, cover the jars with an opaque bag to prevent the light from getting inside.

You can also place cannabis butter or oils into a glass jar, wrap in an opaque bag, then freeze. Another way to safely freeze your cannabis butter or infused oil is to put it into a silicone ice cube tray. If you are freezing cannabutter or oils, one reliable tip is to freeze them in ice cube trays instead of as a single, full batch, and then store them together in a cannabutter or silicone jar. Instead of keeping it in a non-transparent bag, you can freeze your cannabutter or oil, which protects it from light.

You can quickly and safely chill freshly made cannabis butter by placing your container in a big pan filled with cold water and ice. Do not leave the cannabis in your fridge too long, as the water may freeze to ice, breaking the container, making it harder to remove the water from your cannabis butter.

Frozen cookie dough with cannabutter will keep for 9-12 months in your freezer, provided that you do not defrost and refreeze again. As with non-infused foods, freezing at low temperatures prevents the chemicals from breaking down your cannabis butter, keeping it fresh and not losing its potency over a period of months. Even wrapped, airtight, and kept dark, look to consume your cannabis butter, oils, or edibles within six months after you place the cannabis butter into a deep freeze.

If using plastic bags, try to squeeze out as much air out of them as you can before freezing your edible. Not only does plastic wrap impact flavor, but plastic wrap will cling to your edibles after they are frozen, making them harder to remove.

To counteract this, you will want to wrap each edible separately, and then put it into a glass jar or zip-lock plastic bag. To store cannabis concentrates for up to one month, wrap smaller amounts of edibles with parchment paper, and then seal those individually wrapped pieces in a Ziploc bag. For those who are storing cannabis products that are slightly sticky, cannabis products that are slightly sticky, they should first wrap these items tightly using parchment paper, then store in glass containers.

Edibles will be easier to remove, and the wax and parchment paper will keep the flavor of the edibles intact, making sure that edibles are not sticking to each other. There are specific materials that will work better in storing cannabis edibles without harming the taste and quality.

Whether you are using store-bought edibles or making them yourself, knowing how to properly store edibles is a storage technique that will prolong the shelf life of your edibles. Those looking to purchase or make cannabis edibles on their own need to know how to store cannabis edibles to ensure that they will last for an extended period. The best thing about edibles is that they are a delicious way to get your cannabis fix, and if stored correctly, can last a long time. Unlike other forms of cannabis consumption, which may involve complicated technology such as bongs and vapes, edibles are simple: You bake them, then eat them.

Combining all this knowledge, we can say the safest way to store your cannabis edibles is in a cool, dark space, with a tightly sealed container. Knowledge about how to freeze foods successfully is useful to marijuana chefs, since you likely would not, or should, be eating an entire large batch of edibles all at once.

Freezing edibles is a relatively simple task, but if you are not using the right materials, you could be left with an unappetizing, flavorless baked good. If there are ingredients in your edibles that will spoil–like the dairy in a cheesecake–then, yes, your edibles are going to spoil. At Hometown Hero, our edibles, from chews to baked goods, are about a year old when not opened, but in order to keep our edibles, you want to store them properly. Just like preserving other foods, edibles need to be refrigerated or frozen, and kept away from oxygen and light, in order to prolong their shelf life.

How long can you freeze edibles?

The quality and flavor of many edibles and concentrates can be preserved in the freezer for up to many months. Given that abrupt temperature changes can affect the flavor, it is advised that you slowly defrost your products after removing them from the freezer.

Do frozen edibles lose their potency?

The active molecule of THC will gradually lose just a little amount of strength once it has been separated into cannabutter, oil, or distillate. This implies that if properly preserved, the frozen pot brownies will still be rather tasty a month or 2 after you took them out of the oven.

Can edibles lose potency in heat?

Gummies and other edibles like chocolate soften at about 32 °C. Unless it is exposed to extreme heat for an extended period of time, melting an edible is highly unlikely to reduce its potency (such as weeks or months).