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Can You Eat Fruit Snacks With Braces

Can You Eat Fruit Snacks With Braces

Can You Eat Fruit Snacks With Braces

You should not eat any fruit snacks like taffy, caramels, gummies and fruit flavoured snack rolls etc with braces. They can not be eaten as they could be extremely sticky. With wearing braces, you should stay away from food that  cause cavity and may damage braces.

While it is generally fine to have a fruity snack that has some crunch, you will want to avoid eating any snack that has any solid or gooey parts. Fruit snacks should not be eaten with braces on because they may be extremely sticky and could get caught up in the braces.

If you are wearing braces, you should avoid eating some types of chips because they could harm the braces. If you are thinking, Can I eat chips while wearing braces, then no, they are tough and may mess up the fit of the brace. While it might sound healthier, potato chips may cause problems with wire alignment in the braces. Because eating chips or other crunchy crackers together with braces will cause the wires to become dislodged, since chips are harder.

Very often, people break brackets or flex the wires trying to chew through a piece of hard candy, applying too much pressure on one bracket. If you are eating a chewing gummie using a brace, there are some really nasty consequences that can happen: First, it is easy for one of your brace brackets to snap because of the amount of pressure from chewing. The sticky nature of food may make the braces and wires flex, breaking or twisting, and it is easy to get caught up in braces, making cleaning a chore and a nightmare.

Hard fruits are too difficult to chew or bit into, and they will easily rip your wires and break your braces. Fruit snacks are ideal for kids with braces as they are easier to chew and do not adhere to wires.

Learn can you eat fruit snacks with braces

It is important to remember that while fruit snacks are great for kids who have braces, they should still be eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

While it might appear they are a better option than normal chews, it is also true that fruit snacks with a gummy diet are not allowed to be eaten by children who have braces. While softer gummies may be healthier in certain cases, unfortunately, you cannot eat Motts gummies with braces, as they are much too chewy and sticky, and that could damage your braces. Things get a little tricky when talking about soft gummies: As their name suggests, these are less chewy, meaning that you can eat soft gummies with braces. Since Gummy Bears are extremely chewy and gooey, unfortunately, eating one with a brace is implausible.

No, you cannot eat a Haribo with a brace, as you would have to steer clear of any gummy bears altogether. In general, no, you cannot eat any kind of gummy with a brace because they are generally way too hard and gooey. When wearing braces, you should steer clear of anything that is hard, sticky, chewy, or anything that has bits that are inclined to stick in your brackets. Tough or subtle crumbs will harm your braces, getting caught between wires, braces, and your teeth.

BananaHard Bread
Soft CitrusChewy Bagels
Salad greenCheetos
YogurtTough Rolls
Foods you should avoid and foods you should eat while having braces.

Just avoid chewy or hard breads, such as tough rolls or chewy bagels, that could harm your braces because of the forces required to chew through the chewy or hard bread. Hard, sticky, chewy, or crunchy foods may flex the wires in your arch, or make the brackets and bands fall off of your teeth. Hard foods also damage braces, which also hurts your teeth, especially if you had an adjustment recently or you have just received braces.

Along with damaging your braces, it is important to avoid some foods for preventing cavities, too. While there are foods that you should avoid eating while wearing braces, there are also many delicious foods you can enjoy. The good news: There are lots of delicious foods you can eat when wearing braces, and no, you are not limited to just bland foods or foods with a liquid texture.

It is important to know what foods you can and cannot eat to properly take care of your braces and achieve your best possible results from your brace treatments. Awareness about what you SHOULD not eat when wearing your braces is important to the health of your braces.

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If you are concerned with how to eat healthily when wearing braces, please take note of a few tips on snacks that do not contribute to plaque accumulation. The best foods to eat while wearing braces are ones that are low in sugar and require no extra chewing.

Chewy foods, which require lots of chewing and grinding in order to be eaten, can be pretty bad for your braces, making it easier for your braces and wires to come loose. Tougher meats to chew, like beef jerky, are another food item that can easily become trapped between teeth when wearing braces, so advise your children to use caution when eating these foods.

Welchs fruit snacks are also sticky and chewy, which is not good for your braces as it gets caught in crevices in the teeth. Believe it or not, you cannot even have Vitamin Gummies with your braces, as they are chewy too, possibly more so than the normal candies.

Gummy candy, such as Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, and Sour Patch Kids(r) as well as Pulparinroks(r), is surprisingly tough on braces, although Gummy candies seem easier to chew, less sticky than caramels or bubblegum. Candy such as Jolly Ranchers (r), Dumdums (r), Life Savers (r) and Jawbreakers are extremely hard on your braces if you chew on them. Hard candy that you can suck down instead of chew is okay for brace-wearers as long as you resist the urge to chew; however, most candy falls in the chewy category and should be avoided by brace-wearers throughout the healing stages.

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Keep in mind that most hard, crunchy foods are not allowed at the dinner table during treatment with braces because of their hard nature. Hard fruits, vegetables like raw carrots and corn on the cob, snacks, nuts, and candies, tortilla chips, taco shells, hard pizza crusts, and pretzels; and hard candies such as peppermints and candies are restricted when wearing braces.

With braces, you must avoid any snacks that could crack your braces wires or get caught in them, causing problems like teethaches. Since sugar helps feed bacteria that causes cavities, be sure to brush your teeth and braces well after indulging. Orthodontists advise patients to chew sugar-free gum after meals to keep food out of their mouths and prevent it from interfering with the fit of their braces. Patients should not chew gum when wearing an expander, but patients wearing conventional braces may chew chewing gum as long as it is listed as approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) as a sugar-free gum

Can I eat Cheetos with braces?

While wearing braces, you should stay away from any food that is firm and crunchy. Foods that can break your brackets and damage your wire include pretzels, other hard bread, and chips like Fritos, Doritos, Tostitos, Cheetos, and Takis.


Are fruit snacks okay for braces?

Grapefruits, mangoes, kiwis, and fresh apricots are excellent, healthy snacks that you can enjoy with braces. However, bananas and oranges are not seasonal, but should still be available at grocery stores that are safe to eat with braces. However, any fruit snacks that involve biting with front teeth should be avoided.

Can you eat gummies with braces?

Eating them with braces can cause them to get stuck due to their sticky nature. Since they are sticky, these snacks should not be consumed while you have braces. Try other snacks instead that will not damage your braces. You should avoid chewy, sticky, and gummy candy altogether if you wear braces.