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Can Tequila Go Bad

Can Tequila Go Bad

Can Tequila Go Bad

Tequila can go bad under certain circumstances. Tequila that has been opened and left out for an extended period of time is more likely to spoil than unopened tequila. Additionally, tequila that has been mixed with other ingredients (like in a margarita) may not last as long as straight tequila.

Here you will also learn how to properly store tequila, how to tell if your tequila has gone bad, and how long it will keep. Next, we’ll take a look at how to store an open bottle of tequila to maximize tequila’s shelf life in terms of tequila quality, freshness, and flavor. This way you can maximize the shelf life of your tequila and at the same time maintain its quality.

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Once opened, a tequila bottle is best consumed within a year to enjoy the tequila while it is still at its highest quality. The thing to keep in mind here is that this does not necessarily mean that it will remain in the best quality for many years. If you want to taste your tequila at its best, drink it within a year of opening the package, as the flavor and aroma will slowly deteriorate once opened.

When properly stored in a cabinet at room temperature, your tequila will keep indefinitely, but you should still drink it within a few years because evaporation can occur even if the bottle is not opened. While an unopened bottle of tequila can last a long time, once opened, be sure to drink it within a couple of months – a year at the most.

How to store requila

Leaving it open for more than a year is probably not the best idea as the quality will deteriorate over time and the taste may change. It’s probably not a good idea to open a bottle of tequila for a year or two because, as we mentioned earlier, once opened, the quality of the liqueur will slowly deteriorate over time. If you’re waiting for a special occasion to drink an expensive bottle of tequila, you can still keep it unopened, but the quality will be the same as when you first got it.

Opened tequilaKeep for a year
Unopened tequila in the pantryKeep for 5 years or more
Shelf-life of tequila!

After bottling, the quality will remain the same and nothing will change inside the tequila, even if it has lain in your office for years. This relatively constant state of tequila also means that the spirit doesn’t age or taste good, even if you store it for several years. Unlike wine, which can change in flavor over time and under storage conditions, tequila doesn’t change much after bottling, even without ideal storage conditions, like most other spirits like whisky, rum or vodka. Tequila is similar to vodka and whiskey in that it does not require strict storage conditions like wine.

Storing tequila in a wine cabinet will be the best option because you can keep the temperature around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit, which is optimal for tequila. The rule of thumb is to store tequila in a cool, dry place, preferably in the pantry, but even at room temperature it’s good. If you don’t plan on opening a bottle of tequila in the next few weeks or months, you can leave it in the cellar.

Once you’ve opened your tequila, it’s important to make sure it’s sealed tightly each time you remove it, as this will prevent rapid oxidation. Sealing the bottle protects your tequila from impurities that can seep into the bottle. Proper bottle sealing requirements are essential to combat oxidation and impurities in order to keep tequila as close to its original state as possible. This means that the quality of tequila is determined when it is made, so once you open a bottle and it doesn’t impress you, no matter how old it is, it has been that way from the start.

If you’ve had unopened tequila in your pantry for several years, you can be sure it’s still good and should be of good quality. If you come across an open box of tequila, chances are it’s still safe to drink. Tequila can be slightly less flavorful if it hasn’t been stored well or is very old, but that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe to consume.

Just in case, before drinking already opened and stored tequila, take a closer look at the liquid (if there are no impurities in the bottle), smell it and, perhaps, taste it. If you drink tequila from time to time and in small quantities, pour it into a small bottle after the original bottle is half empty. Since alcohol evaporates faster than water, your tequila will become softer over time (after first opening the bottle).

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As mentioned above, this is an extremely rare situation, so it’s much more likely that the liquid just doesn’t taste as good as you’d expect and you might decide to throw it away. If you’ve stored the tequila incorrectly and it’s been in a place with large temperature fluctuations or exposed to a lot of oxygen, then it’s likely to be a little more noticeable when it goes bad. Unless you really want it to go bad and add some impurities to the bottle so bacteria can grow slowly (tequila is a pretty tough environment for micro-organisms to grow), technically it won’t go bad (break down). In general, it’s safe to say that your tequila will probably not go bad if you store it properly and drink it within a certain period of time.

If you do something you shouldn’t, such as improper storage, your tequila will taste bad sooner or later. It is not recommended to store tequila in the refrigerator or freezer, as this can change its aroma and taste and make it too cold, which can numb the palate and reduce the taste of the drink. Tequila should be consumed within a year of opening the bottle to avoid spoilage and to enjoy the best quality.

What Happens if you Drink Old Tequila?

It is still safe to drink expired tequila. Liquor does not get bad to the extent that it can make you ill. It just loses its flavor after a year has passed since it was uncorked. If you want the same strong taste then it is advised to store it properly.

How do you know if tequila has gone bad?

If you consume tequila and it tastes unpleasant, it’s likely that the tequila has gone bad. This occurs when the bottle’s cap is not tightly closed. Have it in a cocktail or fizzy beverages if it has a sour flavor. The additional components will assist to mask some of the tequila’s flaws.