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Can Hummus Go Bad

Can Hummus Go Bad

Can Hummus Go Bad?

Hummus can go bad after a period of time. For the hummus sold unrefrigerated, opened can go for 7 days while unopened can go for a month past the date. And for refrigerated ones, opened ones can last for the same period as unrefrigerated ones while unopened ones can go for several days past the date.

While you can store hummus in the fridge for months without opening it, you only have seven days from opening to make it. As a rule, an unopened package of hummus will keep in the refrigerator for about 10 days. For these reasons, homemade hummus doesn’t keep as long as store-bought hummus.

Yes, store-bought hummus can go bad, and once opened, it can keep for 6 to 7 days if you store it properly. If you refrigerate purchased hummus and forget to eat it before that date, your hummus may not have gone bad.

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Even though hummus smells and looks great, if the hummus has been in the fridge or freezer for more than ten days, it’s best to play it safe and not eat the hummus. Finally, even if the printed date indicates a “best before” date, if the hummus smells sour or looks spoiled, under no circumstances should it be eaten. Like many other proteins, hummus usually has an expiration date rather than an expiration date, meaning you can usually consume it after a while and still be safe even if the quality of the product may degrade. As long as there is no sign that it has gone bad and the packaging has not been opened or damaged, hummus has been known to store quite a lot past its expiration date if left unopened.

Of course, unopened hummus has a much longer shelf life, but sooner or later it either spoils (for example, forms mold), loses quality, or becomes unsafe to eat due to long storage.

Learn to tell when hummus goes bad

Once the container is opened, you only have a week of refrigeration until the hummus goes bad or can no longer be eaten. Sure, sometimes you can get away with chilling the hummus for another day or two, but I feel it’s not worth the risk. If chilled hummus is homemade hummus from a small vendor that only lasts a couple of days, the maximum I would add is a day or two.

HummusKeeping time
Opened hummus Keep for 6 to 7 days
Unopened hummus in freezerKeep for 6 to 8 months
Unopened hummus in the refrigeratorKeep for about 10 days
How long can hummus be kept?

While hummus keeps longer in an airtight container, you really should eat it within a week of opening to ensure maximum freshness and safety. Unopened hummus that is taken out of the freezer lasts just over a week, compared to an open week that is kept out of the freezer. Opened hummus will keep in the fridge for 4 days to a week (stick to the first option if the hummus is preservative-free). When refrigerated, hummus can last about a week if store-bought, and four to five days if made at home.

If you store unopened hummus in the freezer, it will keep for six to eight months in both homemade and store-bought units after the date indicated. Storing hummus in an airtight glass container that is not affected by temperature fluctuations is even better for keeping hummus for about 9 months. It needs to be kept below 40 degrees, so unless you live in a very cold house, this is the safest place to have hummus. You can help keep hummus fresher longer by storing it in the refrigerator below 40 degrees after each use.

If you keep your hummus fresh properly, you will find that it keeps long enough that you can eat plenty of it before it starts to lose its freshness. There is also non-perishable hummus, which, as the name suggests, does not require refrigeration until you open the non-perishable hummus available. However, in most cases, the hummus you are likely to find will require refrigeration before opening, especially if you find it in the refrigerator section of the grocery store.

If you find hummus in a store that isn’t in the refrigeration section, at least one that wasn’t accidentally lost by a lazy shopper, then that’s a good sign that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, even if it still has an expiration date. validity period. If you left your hummus unopened, your hummus will generally be good up to 5 days after the expiration date. You can use hummus within 5 days after this date if you test it and make sure everything is ok.

It’s important to make sure the hummus is still fresh before enjoying it to avoid food poisoning or foodborne illness. Before eating expired hummus, make sure it’s safe by following the guidelines I outlined in the spoilage section. The Food and Drug Administration recommends that fresh food is not safe after 4 hours at room temperature, so we won’t eat it if your hummus has been standing for a long time. Instead, transfer the hummus from the freezer to the refrigerator the night before when you decide to use the hummus.

While you can store a pack of hummus on the shelf for months, an opened pack cannot stay in the refrigerator for more than seven days without going bad. Unopened chilled hummus stored in the refrigerator can be consumed 3-10 days after the indicated date.

Different brands have different expiration dates, so it’s best to check the expiration dates of the containers… but a good starting point is that for any reputable brand, you should be able to safely store hummus in the refrigerator for up to two months if you don’t. break the seal of your container. A container of hummus that, when stored properly in the freezer, can last six months without any change in texture or flavor. While hummus contains many natural ingredients such as lemon, garlic, and sesame (a characteristic of tahini), it doesn’t keep as long as you might think. Unfortunately, hummus doesn’t keep as long after opening as tahini, one of its most important ingredients.

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No, homemade hummus has a shorter shelf life than store-bought hummus because it does not contain processed preservatives. Surprisingly, hummus freezes very well, giving you the opportunity to make more the next time it hits the market.

How long can you eat expired hummus?

It is thought that eating packed frozen hummus that is four to seven days over its expiration date is safe. If your hummus is shelf-stable, though, you shouldn’t store it in the fridge if you haven’t consumed it yet.

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