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Can Green Tea Expire

Can Green Tea Expire

Can Green Tea Expire

Green tea can be used for about one year if you store it at room temperature. Green tea does not retain its freshness for too long so it is better to buy it in small quantities. However, for the best aroma, flavor, and nutrient value, you should try to use your tea as soon as possible.

In general, the shelf life of unprocessed green tea leaves is longer than that of the regular green tea bags purchased at the stores. You can extend the lifespan of green tea leaves by storing them correctly, away from humidity and light, in an airtight container. If proper storage is done, tea leaves, no matter what type of tea they are, have quite a long shelf life.

Preservation does not sound like the ideal method for storing, but it is possible, and it can prolong teas shelf life by quite some time. If you are able to successfully keep your tea out of everything, it will be easy to store unbroken for up to two years.

If sealed, black tea can retain much of its flavours and aromas up to 36 months after you buy it, whereas green tea goes noticeably stale in around 12 to 14 months, even when stored unopened and sealed. My own experience has also led me to believe that even when stored in a non-transparent, airtight container, green tea that is left loosely rolled starts losing its flavour significantly about 2 months after opening the bag.

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Because of this, the tea bags of green color lose tannins and flavors a lot quicker than the loose leaf, which causes it to deteriorate faster than the others. Green loose leaf is a more delicate variety of tea, and if stored improperly, it will often lose its aroma, color, and taste faster, before it even expires. Although tea bags are more convenient compared to the loose leaf, tea leaves are a lot smaller in size than in loose leaf, affecting the natural oils of tea leaves, and this, in turn, impacts quality, taste, and health benefits.

Tea bags also contain dust and tiny, gritty particles of tea leaves, known as fanned leaves; thus, they tend to lose their flavours faster than loose leaves. When comparing green tea leaf expiration dates, large, full leaves may maintain freshness for a longer period and are more likely to expire late than small, finely ground tea leaves.

Unprocessed6 months12 months
Regular4-6 months1 year
Shelf life of unprocessed and regular tea leaves.

Keep in mind tea leaves can change colour or smell, but that does not mean that it is not still usable; it does, however, indicate the tea is not in the best condition. Generally, if tea is expired, the pleasant fragrance from the leaves will have gone, because natural oils from the leaves will have vaporized over time. Remember, as the natural oils, and thus, flavors, in the tea evaporate over time, meaning the tea may still be usable, but will taste flat. Remember the term “tea going bad” in tea just means its natural oils are being vaporized over the course of time and has become less flavourful.

The reason that the tea leaves become old with time is because they have lost their flavor rather than their aroma and color. By the way, expired tea does not mean that it is unsafe to consume, but after a while, it definitely loses its flavour, and perhaps, the health benefits. I have to qualify that saying, if your green tea is stored in ideal conditions, it might still be possible for it to retain a greater portion of its flavour profile after a certain period after its best-by date.

As we mentioned in our short answer, all in all, if you are going to drink your green tea for its freshness and health benefits, it is recommended to consume it for at least six months prior to the best before date it typically comes with. That is the final reason that, generally speaking, tea should be consumed within six months of its best before or expiry date. Tea really has a best before date, meaning that the best thing is to use tea by the specified teas date. As long as you consume tea prior to the date stated on the packaging, tea is going to taste great.

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When you are going through a significant amount of tea every month, you will generally not run into problems with your tea being fresh. Generally, we noticed that the tea was generally fine for a day, but it was fine for three and sometimes four days.

Generally, packaged teas and loose leaf teas will last 6-12 months in your cupboard; we strongly suggest drinking your tea after you get it for one year. If you properly store Matcha Green Tea Powder, it will retain good quality for 1-2 months after you open it, and is generally safe to consume for about 12 months. Because green tea is less susceptible to oxidation than other types of tea, such as black, red, and rooibos, it may sour (and by this, I mean it will lose its quality) a lot more quickly.

Do not use regular tea bag seals that the tea comes in, as these are not so good at keeping out air, and so tea loses freshness faster. If tea bags are not packed in bags that will preserve tea bags freshness longer, then I recommend keeping them in a non-transparent, airtight container, such as these airtight canisters from SilverOnyx. If you enjoy the convenience of using tea bags, you may want to keep them in their original packaging, particularly if they are individually sealed inside the envelopes. If you are storing tea in bags, be sure to pack them with as little air as possible, it will extend your teas lifespan and ensure it stays whole and flavorful over a longer period.

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Make sure you are placing your teas into containers that are perfectly sealed, this way no air or smells from anything else in your refrigerator can get into your tea leaves. Just make sure you do not let your tea leaves get exposed to the air or direct sunlight for even a short time as it could spoil. You can tell that your Japanese Loose Leaf Tea has gone bad by a lack of a crisp, grassy aroma, and by the leaves being a bit boring, losing the vibrancy of green.

Can expired tea make you sick?

Most of the time, aged tea will taste stale or dull and have less flavor than it should. While drinking old tea is generally not harmful, it is undoubtedly an unpleasant experience. Avoid the tea if it tastes rancid, has visible mold, or exhibits other symptoms of deterioration.

How long is green tea good for after the expiration date?

Green tea can retain its quality and flavor for far longer than expired black tea. The green tea leaves and tea bags can maintain their quality for up to 6-12 months beyond the expiration date, without the flavor being compromised, and thus can be safely consumed.

How do you if green tea has gone bad?

You can easily tell if green tea has gone bad by placing the tea leaves in a teapot and heating it. If it has a scent, then it is still safe to consume. If the tea does not have any smell upon heating, it is better to discard it.