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Can Dates Go Bad

Can Dates Go Bad

Can Dates Go Bad?

Dates can go bad after a period of time. Generally, they can go well for up to 2 to 3 months if stored at room temperature. However, if kept in the refrigerator, their life extends to between 6 to 12 months if properly stored in an airtight container.

The expiration date is usually applied to foodstuffs that can go bad due to physical instability, chemical spoilage, bacterial spoilage, pathogenic spoilage, or other factors that can make the food unhealthy. As you might have guessed, the period between the expiration date and when the food actually goes bad depends on the food itself and how it is stored. Since expiration date technically does not refer to food safety, but rather to food quality, the main danger of eating expired foods (theoretically) is that they may not be of the highest quality.

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Industry experts recommend a few rules of thumb for how long you can keep some common expired foods. When in doubt, there are plenty of online resources, such as this one from the USDA, that can give you general advice on how long certain foods can be good after their expiration date when stored properly. Here’s what different food expiration dates really mean, how long you can keep expired food, and how to make the most of your food so that no food (or money) goes to waste. Below, food safety experts and nutritionists distinguish between different forms of expiration dates, list specific foods that keep especially long and are good to have on hand, and share tips on how to tell if foods have gone bad.

Because it’s hard to know how long food will last, many foods are labeled with an expiration date. Otherwise, make sure to keep the food in its original packaging to keep track of the date, or make sure you have a good labeling system in place so you can best cook your chicken or other food. Food companies usually try to pay attention to the “best before” date, and the food inside is usually edible long after the date on the label. As with this label, the “Used By” section does not state when the product is unsafe to eat.

Find out how to preserve dates

The above wording clearly conveys the intended meaning that the product will be of the highest quality before the specified date, without implying that it will deteriorate or should be discarded after the specified date. Just because a day or two has passed since use does not mean that eating a food will make you sick, although you should judge the quality of the food for yourself after that time. Food consumed after the expiration date may not be harmful to the body, provided that it has been stored properly and the bacteria have probably not had time to multiply. For example, if foods that require refrigeration are brought to a picnic and left for several hours, they may not be safe if used later, even if they have not yet expired.

DatesHow, long it will fresh?
When stored in airtight container in the refrigeratorStay fresh up to 6 months
When stored at room temperatureStay fresh between a month up to 3 months
How long dates will stay fresh?

If a food has an expiration date and that date has already passed, it may not be super fresh anymore, but it can still be eaten for a while, depending on the type of food. As we have established, most foods are safe to eat for varying periods of time after their expiration date, however, this does not mean that most foods will not eventually go bad. For example, canned vegetables that are past their expiration date may become raw, and frozen fruits may not retain their rich flavor. Several factors, such as wear and tear and strength of the packaging, can affect the shelf life of these wet and dry pet foods beyond the “use by” dates recommended on the packaging.

Foods such as dry pasta or rice have an extremely long shelf life and can be stored for months beyond the expected date. While in some cases food may go bad without any visible sign, most will let you know loud and clear when it has gone bad. Foods such as chopped lettuce or spinach tend to get slimy or rancid very quickly, so it’s best to consume them before that date. Before putting food in a grocery cart or basket, chances are you’re looking for an expiration date (or something like that) to make sure you can use it before it goes bad.

Ultimately, if you purchased a product, you must decide whether to pay attention to the date on the product. When it comes to canned food — and many foods in general — it turns out that many consumers aren’t always sure how to interpret “use by” or “sell by” dates. Many Americans mistakenly believe that food dates (often beginning with the words “best” or “sell”) are federally regulated and indicate the point in time when a food can no longer be eaten. While some food companies now voluntarily follow this two-date system, as far as the federal government is concerned, any date on the package has nothing to do with safety.

These dates aren’t actually mandated by the FDA, and unless it’s infant formula, the dates on the packaging are voluntary by the manufacturer. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), food manufacturers are not required to date their products. Bottom Line Food date labels can be confusing and often only refer to the time when a product is no longer at its peak quality. Expiration dates apply to certain food and other industrial products, such as car seats, and the age of the product may affect its safe use.

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TODAY Food contacted the Canned Food Alliance and their rep gave us the group’s basic guide that talks about expiration dates. This wording is also intended to help consumers understand that, when properly stored, food can be stored and used past its expiration date, but may not be at its best. However, if food is handled improperly, foodborne bacteria can grow and cause foodborne illness either before or after the date printed on the package. In the refrigerator, dates will stay fresh for up to six months when stored in an airtight container and not in contact with other fruits or vegetables on them.

Can I eat expired dried dates?

If the fruits look fine and smell alright, they’re most likely safe to eat. But the bad dates change their taste slowly, so if you no longer discover any change its tastes, then use them. If you feel the difference, throw out the leftovers. Or use them in baking or in a fruit salad, where the absence of flavor won’t be as noticeable.

Can you eat old dates?

If the fruits appear and smell good, they’re probably safe to eat as well. However, the flavor of dates changes over time, so throw out any leftovers if you no longer justify them. Alternatively, use it in baking or a fruit salad, where the loss of taste would be less noticeable.