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Can Captain Morgan Go Bad

Can Captain Morgan Go Bad

Once opened, Captain Morgan is safe for storage for indefinite periods of time, with the exception of storing in an open container close to heat or direct sunlight, where it will start fading rapidly. One method for storing an opened bottle of rum is to transfer it into a smaller bottle, if half-empty. Another suggestion is that if a bottle is less than half-full, transferring the rum to another smaller bottle is a good idea. You might want to think about pouring your Captain Morgan in another, smaller container if the bottle is less than half full, and you do not plan on using it for several weeks.

Captain Morgan Rum does not spoil when stored correctly, but will degrade when stored improperly for a long period. If you store your rum correctly (sealed by the top once the bottle is opened), it will last many years, and going bad is really not an option. Rum has a limitless shelf life once it is opened, but will degrade with time (depending on how it is stored). As you might know, rum begins to lose flavor after opening the bottle over time (depending on how well it is stored, how much liquid is in the bottle, etc.).

Since alcohol evaporates faster than water, the rum (after opening the bottle) begins to get mellower as time goes by. Volatile compounds evaporate sooner in nature, which is why you will want to drink your rum within 6 months after you open it. Once a bottle of rum is opened, you are advised to drink it immediately, or within six months, as it may lose its aroma, taste, and quality.

If you had stored a bottle of rum that was already opened for several years, it would not go bad (if sealed), but it is possible that you might decide to throw it out due to the quality. That is right: Rum can be stored for years and years, and will not go bad, unless you are going to keep it in a bottle with no top. Unopened rum has a stable alcohol content and strong spirit, which means that you can store it for years and it will still be good.

Storage PlacesShelf Life
Fridge20 years
Pantry2 decades
Shelf life of captain Morgan in different shelf life.

Captain Morgan rum comes in a variety of flavors like spiced rum, coconut rum, pineapple rum, and black rum. Spiced Rums may come in either one single botanical like pineapple, or traditional spices like vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and cardamom. Spiced rum usually makes its way into rum punches, though you could substitute a lighter-weight rum to give the cocktail some aromatics.

Take note that a bottle is under 80 proof (or 40% ABV), indicating the bottle contains a rum-based spirit, and it should be enjoyed for several months after you open it. If you consume a bottle that has been opened more than a year, you are almost certain to notice flavor changes. Liquor bottles that are opened for several years (mainstream spirits like vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, tequila, etc) will generally lose some of their flavor qualities.

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For instance, harder alcohols like whiskey have indefinite shelf lives, but after 1 or 2 years of opening, the flavors start to disappear. Most basic liquors (also called base) such as whiskey, brandy, rum, gin, tequila, and vodka, have an almost unlimited shelf life when left unopened. Spirits such as whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, and others, do not require refrigeration, as their high alcohol content keeps spirits such as whiskey in tact.

Anything distilled, such as gin, vodka, rum, tequila, or whiskey, stops aging as soon as something that is been distilled is put into bottles. Once the alcohol has expired, you can still drink the alcohol, but it is reduced in alcohol. You might notice if the bottle has been sitting without being opened for a long time, that it might get cloudy, but the flavor or alcohol content does not change.

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Once you open a bottle, rum has almost an unlimited shelf life, but will slowly diminish in quality over time (depending on how it is stored). Rum will stay fine for an undetermined amount of time after opening (depending on how well it is stored), but will slowly degrade over time. Rum will maintain both its contents and drinkability (for up to 6 months) as long as the bottle/container is sealed and kept relatively free from evaporation.

As long as your Captain Morgan bottle remains unsealed and sealed, the rum will remain just as good today, even after you have bought it, for up to two decades. The rum should still be just as good twenty years from now as it is today, provided that it is not opened and the seal is in no way compromised. Even with careful sealing, over time, rums flavors and qualities will diminish in an opened bottle due to its interaction with airborne oxygen, leading to less enjoyable experiences. According to the rum maker, because of how rum interacts with oxygen, the more room there is to circulate air through the bottle, the faster rum develops a nasty, vinegary flavor and begins to lose quality and taste.

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A good tip is to place your rum bottle in the fridge several hours before you wish to consume it, as the vast majority of people prefer their rum to be chilled, and many like to incorporate ice into the beverage to keep it colder. If the opened bottle of rum is close to expiration, you can always enjoy it at happy hour and get it discounted.

How long can Captain Morgan last?

Rum has an endless shelf life. That implies that your bottle of Captain Morgan or Bacardi is safe while it is stored in that cabinet. The rum should be just as good in twenty years as it is now, provided that it is unopened and the seal is not damaged in any way.

How long does Captain Morgan last once opened?

Rum has an endless shelf life after being opened, although depending on how well it is preserved, it steadily degrades. Because of this, most people advise consuming alcoholic beverages as soon as possible once they are opened—the sooner, the better. It will taste worse the longer it is left exposed.

How do you know when rum goes bad?

The rum’s taste degradation is indicated by the expiration date on the bottle. You should taste it and smell it after placing a tiny quantity in your mouth. Discard the liquid if there are any obvious indications of deterioration or if it has an odd odor.