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Are Kamado Grills Worth It

Are Kamado Grills Worth It

Are Kamado Grills Worth It

Kamado grills are worth it, for those who grill regularly. They are made of ceramic which retains heat well and produces a consistent temperature and is excellent for smoking meat.  Kamado grills are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other types of grills, kamados are designed to hold hot coals.

Before cooking with dozens of different gas, charcoal, and handheld models, I could tell you an expensive kamado grill was not worth the high price. While you can pick up a kamado for under $500, investing in a quality grill may be smarter. The typical Kamado buyer has already had some experience cooking with gas grills, but wants something a little more versatile. If you only barbecue occasionally, and you are not interested in learning a new type of grill, you are better off getting a decent charcoal grill or a gas one.

Gas grills are pricier than gas, but if you are going to be cooking on your kamado for a lifetime, it will save you money. Fuel efficiency The ceramic walls of kamado grills transfer heat long, meaning that they use less fuel than regular charcoal or gas smokers. The walls on these grills help to trap moisture and heat within high-end kamados, which does much for the quality of food that is cooked.

It is amazing how good cheap kamado grills are at getting 500+ degrees, even at freezing temperatures. The most crucial element of a kamados performance is heat, and more specifically, control of the heat, and the ability of the grill to maintain its single temperature. Another major benefit to the kamado is the ability to cook evenly due to its reflected heat.

Learn about the benefits of kamado grill

The heat-retention ceramic advantage of the kamado grill provides so much heat isolation that nearly all the heat from a kamado is captured and used to cook the food before it leaves the grill. When maintained correctly, a ceramic kamado grill can last you a lifetime (and will work better each time you cook on it). Figuring out how the kamado works may be a bit daunting at first, but once you figure out how to manage temperatures, this all-purpose grill has the potential for outstanding results–and just might be your new favorite way to cook.

Long LastingThey are long lasting
Outstanding ResultsThis all-purpose grill has the potential for outstanding results
Easy To CleanIt is very easy to clean kamado grills
Some advantages of owning kamado grills.

It is also worth buying or downloading a cooking guide from Kamado Joe, because, let us face it, there are only so many ways to cook on one of these grills. Of course, the methods and settings are a little different with each cooking style, but this should not keep you from trying out the kamado charcoal grill.

They are great for maintaining low temperatures needed for barbecue smoke, they have all of the same pizza oven-like baked goods, and they put your food in direct, rays of heat, which is great for searing. These barbecues are based on the traditional Japanese cooking device, the wood-burning, egg-shaped cooking pot (Kamado literally means just stove). Due to its reputation, you might even hear people call these types of grills a kamado or ceramic smoked barbecue. The main difference between these grills and a Big Green Egg grill is entirely in cooking method.

Kamado grills are versatile and robust, they warm up fast and thoroughly, and they allow you to prepare, barbecue, smoke, and deliver scrumptious meals all year long. Kamado grills are made of a durable, engineered ceramic material, and when heated or heat-soaked, will produce highly efficient cooking results over the course of hours, with little to no maintenance. With the right accessories, you can cook just about anything on a kamado, and that is one more reason why kamado grills are expensive.

The top-rated kamado grills are durable, long-lasting grills, and if you are planning to buy one, be sure to pick up a good warranty. While big-name kamado grills, such as Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe, are certainly pricey, there are a few cheaper ones.

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You can purchase the Kamado Joe Grill directly on the companys website, along with all of those cool accessories. With a trademark Kamado Joe Red exterior, Kamado Joe Grills are quality ceramic stoves that come with an array of innovative accessories. The Kamado Joe Classic Joe I Ceramic Charcoal Grill is ideal for typical backyard barbecues and smoking.

While that is a benefit on its own, the Kamado Joe Classic II is solid, and it gives you a good feel for how cooking on a kamado feels, before diving in and buying the higher-end models (if that is your choice). This includes a secondary set of ceramic heat diffusers (one each for the kamado half of the Kamado Joe Classic III), coal stoker, and an aluminum coal hopper. No required accessories: Unlike with the Big Green Egg, everything you need for smoking and grilling comes with the Kamado Joe Classic II, including wheels, an upturned folding table, and sliding ash and tool boxes, so there is no need to pay for accessories. You also get two half-heaved aluminum grill grates and a tool for removing ashes, as well as a tri-level cook grate you can adjust to fit your grilling needs.

With circular kamado grills, you need a ceramic reversal plate–like a ConvEGGtor for a Big Green Egg–to cook on indirect heat, which may or may not come in the price of your grill. The high heat of your grill will burn away any grease that has built up, so there is no need for you to use any chemical detergents (they are not a good idea either, because they could permeate into porous ceramic). If you are a new barbecuer, you may not notice much difference between ceramic-built and other-material-built kamadas.

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Like some of the cheaper kamado-style cookers in this guide, the Broil King Keg 5000 uses insulated steel rather than ceramic, with cast iron on the griddles. You get all of the features you expect from high-end kamado grills, including a durable ceramic design and great temperature control, and save some bucks along the way. There are some accessories that are an absolute must-have (legs and a solid thermometer for starters) and others that make cooking on your kamado much easier and more enjoyable (e.g., table, a grill rack extender, ceramic heat diffuser, etc.

The kamado site offers some excellent tips for cooking with your neophyte Kamado, and if you are a real fan of Primo ovals, you can order Primo-branded equipment to put on when cooking. Baking with the Kamado Baking with the kamado charcoal grill is essentially a ceramic oven, so all you need to get good at baking anything from pastries to pizza is the Heat Deflector Plate, which generates indirect, convective heat inside the cooking box. With excellent accessories included, quality craftsmanship, innovative design features, and a price that is not about to melt, the Kamado Joe Classic II is going to be a grill that you have for a long time, and can potentially hand over to loved ones when you are done with it.

Why is the kamado grill better?

Despite some being made of steel or even cast iron, the best kamado grills are still made of ceramic. They are ideal for grilling and smoking thanks to their thick walls, which also provide good insulation, high efficiency, and the capacity to withstand extremely high and low temperatures.

Is it worth getting a Kamado grill?

Yes, it is a good investment to get a Kamado grill because it has insulative properties of ceramic, allowing the grill to smoke well in terms of cooking powder and fuel efficacy. This grill can smoke for up to 17-18 hours on just a small amount of charcoal and thus, are economical.

How long will a Kamado grill last?

As compared to gas grills, that last for only 8-10 years maximum, Kamado grills tend to last for a lifetime. Even though the initial investment in Kamado grills is more expensive, they can turn out to be more economical than regular gas grills over the years due to fuel efficiency.